Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spin and Swim

Well i am still at it.
Yesterday i did my long run in the morning on the dreadmill at the YMCA of Downtown Louisville! I got 8.5 miles in at 5am before i had to leave and go to school

Today after school was out i drove straight to the YMCA down town to get to a 5:45pm Spin class. I just made it in time what with the Traffic across the Bridge and stuff. It was a cool class and it is always nice getting to try a different instructor. She was very chatty, talked about LOST, American Idol, getting a passport and all kinds of things. I kept pretty quiet as i was newbie boy. Right after i let my heart rate get down and did my swim workout which took about 35mins. I got huge cramps in my calf's at the end which was weird cas i ate 2 Bananas today to try and combat that.

Well I have to pack tonight then i have last day of school untill 3pm. Then the 8-9hr drive home as i have to be at my soon to be 10 year olds birthday tomorrow. Tomorrow is my rest day on Iron Man plan.

The picture is my fav British Pudding and i thought you might find the name funny. I didnt buy it by the way.


  1. ummmm what does it taste like???

  2. Good lord, 8.5 miles on the dreadmill, kudos for that! Sounds like your training is coming along well!

  3. It tastes like sponge cake with Rasins in it.

    The ONLY way i can go long on a treadmill is the 9 min run 1 min walk. That way i have in my head 'only 9 mins to go' at the most all the time. Works for me.