Thursday, February 18, 2010

Last night 10.5 miles

So yesterday was my long run day. I was determined to make 10 miles on the treadmill this week. I was mentally pre-pairing for it all day. And yes it seemed VERY long. I saw people come to the gym, do there workout and leave, over and over again.
The total time was 1:50 mins. Now when i do long runs like this i have to break it down. I WILL fail if i just intend to run steady for 10 miles for sure.
This is how i did it.
Run 9 mins walk 1 min. Running was 5.8mph and walking about 3.7mph
Then after 40 mins i introduced what my training plans calls Cheetah strides?! Basically you speed up for 30-40 seconds every 5 mins. IT REALLY helped out too. It felt like i was giving my legs a little blast.
After 40 mins i speed up at 43mins to 7.0mph for 30 seconds keeping my strides short. Then back to 5.8mph. Then at 48mins i speed up again to 7.0mph for 30 seconds. at 50min i walked for 1 min. Then speed up at 53 mins etc....repeat for the rest of the run. So i always felt like 'just make it to 3 min mark..then make it to 8 min mark the make it to 0 min mark to walk. I never felt like i had a huge goal in front of me just a lot of little ones. This i have learned is how i get through going long.
I was thinking of going for a recovery walk at lunchtime but my legs are shot! That's a good thing though. I like when they feel like that.
Tonight i have swim run scheduled. I have been doing evenings as my wife is away this week and i like to see the girls in the morning before they go to school.

New Podcast is up. EP 19.

The picture is from this morning of me hosting a Webinar to about 150 people at work. I have 2 head sets on, phone for the phone conf and the other for the internet audible. Good thing i am used to hearing myself on the podcasts:)

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