Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eating healthy (not a big fan)

I have a really really hard time eating the right things. It seems like i can go 2-5 days of eating really well and then i just lose interest and crash/burn. I always say in Triathlon my weight holds me back and that's the only thing holding me back. I don't know why i let it! If i could master eating healthy ALL the time i would be unstoppable in my minds eye. SO this week i am starting again to do whats right. Prep is a big thing. If i cut up my snacks and have the ready to go it really helps. Like the above picture shows. Prep is key for me.
I really want to get down to 200LBS. Lately i have been ever so slowly gaining weight and that is not acceptable. I bought a new book called Skinny Bastard, from the makers of the book Skinny Bitch and it is def no holds barred truth about what you eat. I will let you know how it is going.
Last night i got done my swim after work and i thought maybe ..just maybe...i could do the indoor triathlon that is happening on Sunday. Originally i thought i would not be able to make it but it turns out i can. Well cut off was Friday (12th March) so i thought no way i am getting in. I talked to the Organizer and he said there are still some open Bamo...I'm in! Woot. My first Official Tri of 2010. I feel bad because i know i weigh more than when i did it last year but i am not going to let that hold me back.
It is 18Laps of the indoor pool (25M) then you run to an exercise bike and log 5 miles on it then off to the indoor track for 25laps of running. You can see it is super short but it is about having fun! I will report in and let you know what happened.
OK time for some veggies.......

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