Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello There!

Well i have been busy getting myself injured again! At the end of January i managed to take a spill and twist my knee with a very loud popping noise.
I was rollerblading at the roller rink with my daughters this time. I could only just walk and i hurried off with the look of shame on me. As usual i was pushing myself faster than i should really go.
After 2 weeks it was not feeling any better so i went to the amazing Sports doctor i have found. She felt around my knee and took some xrays and i have something called a torn MCL.
So no running, boot camp or cycling for a while! Well since then i have got to 75% better and have done about 3 runs of 2 miles. I have to go really slow, 12min miles or 5.0mph on the treadmill of i get too much pain. I have no clue how this will effect what i will be doing this year but i will let you know.

My 10 year old green card is up for renewal this year. The cost? approx $500. So instead i decided to become an American Citizen! I will still hold my British citizenship as well. It cost $680 to apply and get my citizenship. I have to take a Civics test which involves 100 questions of which they will ask me 10 and i have to get 6 correct. Because of the cost this year i have had to scale back some of the events i normally do.
I will be doing some part time work again for the company here that puts on some of the Triathlons so i can get some free entries. I have submitted all the paper work and money and now i have to wait for my interview and test date! So i will let you know how that goes. Dual Citizenship.. doesn't that sound Cosmopolitan!

The photo? that is of my cycling team this summer. I am def the slowest of them all but i don't care!