Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Missed my first workout!

I'm Back! Yes it has been a few days. I am finally back in my office today. I was meant to be here yesterday but i was out sick (Kinda) I got so many emails to my Blackberry from work that by 11am i had to fire up my laptop and just work from home. Ah well. I am over whatever i had yesterday. In fact i was feeling a lot better by 3pm so at 5pm i did my scheduled workout.
It was Saturday that i missed my first workout on my Half Iron Man program. Try as i might this is always a very busy weekend for me. Feb 14th is my Wedding anniversary (12 years now!) and is also my daughters Birthday (very inconsiderate of her). Sunday was going to be a wash as my wife has to go out of town. SO we had to do all our celebrating on Sat.
It was my daughters 10th birthday so we had a party at the community center. This is def the way to go. 15 10 year old kids and they can make as much mess and be as loud as they like. Cake included and crafts all for $70! We only do 10 and 16 as big birthday parties. The part was at 10am. I had driven back from Louisville KY on Friday. School was over at 3pm so i had a 8-9 hr drive in front of me. I made it back home by 10pm local time but i was beat and slept till 8am on sat (o you lazy lazy man) Friday was my scheduled rest day.
So i was meant on Sat to do 1.5hrs on the bike. After our daughters Birthday party i had made plans to take my wife to a movie and had reservations at a fancy bistro for our anniversary. SO i just didn't get it done. The Bistro was really nice. A New York City style restaurant. Nice and small. Here is the link if your ever in Green Bay: http://www.plaebistro.com/
Sunday i was going to try and fit both session in but i had a 40min run and a Loooooong swim. 2000meters! By the time i had done that i wasn't going to get the bike in.
Monday i did 30min run on the treadmill and 65mins in the spin class. It is a 45 min class but i had scheduled a 60 min cycle.
Tonight i have a 30 min swim which always seems like it takes me 45 mins to do.
I feel bad for missing a workout! But what am i going to do? I am not going to quit. So i will just move on.
O the photo? This was what it looked like the other day coming out the YMCA

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