Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sat Bike Ride wootness starts

So it was a balmy 32F today and i was scheduled to ride for 1.5hours. I managed to get out the door around noon. At first i was not liking it so much then i got in a groove and had a great time and LOVED being outside. I took pictures along the way and rather than do an all out workout i just enjoyed myself. I had my new face mask thingie that i got online and it worked fantastic at keeping my face and neck warm.
This is part of the Budweiser plat. I think it is some kind of yeast filling tower. A big huge Ship comes by from Canada once a week and fills it up (or takes stuff away) Not sure which.

This is my bike in front of the USS Cobra. It is a World War 2 Submarine. There are tours you can get on it and look around. The engines still work! They fire them up a few times a year. When you take the tour it is unbelievable to think that men lived in there for up to 3 months at a time.
This is the Main street in Manitowoc WI, couldn't of guessed that right?

This is one of the bridges into the town of Manitowoc. You can see some ice in the water.

This is a bike store that just opened! If only i had some money to spend in there!

Looking down from my handle bars. You can see i have the front suspension locked out.

This is my new cold weather mask thingie! It works great! It is made out of wetsuit material. It covers my neck great too.

This is some old tractor. It looks like they still use it to plow snow. No seat in it. You stand and drive!

Look at those snow chains! Yes its Wisconsin People!

This was a cool truck with a projection screen on the side. I don't really know what it was doing here. People were looking at it. He was playing videos of Bret Farve of course. I think he was on his way to a show.

This is where the bike trail ran out as not all of it was plowed out. But it made for some fun snow riding.

Isn't it pruudy! It was nice to be outside instead of being stuck indoors on the trainer today!
Another massively cool event is i got chased by a young pit bull. I thought i would drop him easily but i looked back and he was still coming! I had to really put the hammer down to get away from him before he gave up! I love running from dogs on my bike!
Ok its Triathlon time tomorrow.

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