Monday, February 8, 2010

Back to School

Yes i am away again this week. This TOTALY throws off my training and diet most of the time. I can not let it! I have to get used to working out and eating right while i am on the road. I am in a factory school all week at our Sister company in Indiana just across the river from Louisville KY.

Problems with being on the road:

  • I have pretty much unlimited money to eat whatever i want because the company pays for all my meals and snacks while i travel

  • I feel lonely and blue sometimes being on my own so much

  • I have to find a gym or use the hotel gym to workout in. It is a pain in the butt not knowing if i have to bring a towel, where to park, what the hours are etc..

  • The people i do hang out with want to 'party' and drink lots of Beer and eat out a lot.

  • Boredom..If i hang out in my hotel room too long i want to eat as i am bored.

Ok i will try and look at the positives

  • I get to run in a new place, see new sites, find new running routes

  • I get to try new gyms and have new experiences. (One gym in Ottawa was in the ground floor of an indoor mall

  • It makes me more grateful for what i have at home.

  • I save money on eating

My plan for this week is to stay focused. I already did my 30 min run downstairs in the hotel GYM. It was a bit dark and cold to be outside at 5am. I did watch Disaster date on MTV was was pretty funny though. I am meant to do 1hour on the bike and i didn't bring my trainer or bike with me. The hotel gym only has a recum bike so i will probably have to head to the Downtown YMCA tonight. I know there is a dinner i am meant to go to but i will not stay too long. The Hotel pool is way to short to get my swim training in.

As far as weekend went i didn't do as well as i hoped on the eating. Not to bad. I went to bed last night after watching the Superbowl in my hotel room by myself (waaaah) with a bad stomach. I felt like i was pregnant with a food baby.

Still no Podcast! I forgot to bring my recorder. I feel like i have enough stuff on there to make a show but it doesn't help if i leave it at home. I been feeling bad about the quality of my shows lately too. I think they could be way better. So i am trying to think of a how to improve them.

Well i better get ready to face the day. It is good to blog as it keeps me focused.

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