Friday, February 26, 2010

Rest Day!

Yep today is rest day! I made it to another rest day this week. It is also day 3 of staying on plan on weight watchers. I am doing good so far. Had the muchies like CRAZY this morning but my snack size popcorn saved me, 94% fat free and only 1 point. Whats weird is i didn't like them yesterday but today i LOVED them!
I have had Grapes, Banana, water and some sugar/fat free capacinno so far. I am having Baked Beans for lunch so look out cubicle neighbors.
Tonight i am meeting some friends in a restaurant so i have to work out a plan for that. I am still avoiding the over abundance of cup cakes and donuts in our lunch room because of someones birthday and a training class we are having.
My water intake is doing ok to. I am cutting way back on Soda. I told myself i would have to drink all my water before i drink ANY soda and that seems to really help.
Preparation is definitely the key. I think this morning i would of ate some bad crap if i didn't have grapes and popcorn on hand.
Tomorrow I have a 1.5 hour bike ride scheduled so i may just do the double spin class at the Ymca.
Well i better look up what i am going to eat for tonight.

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