Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekend Wonder Boy

Is Friday people!
Been busy. I treated yesterday as i rest day. Today was my scheduled rest day but i switched it up a bit. I did make it to the pool at 5am this morning and did my scheduled workout. Which was:

wu: 300 continuous. slowly increasing pace each 100
main: 20 x 50, odds at RPE 4, evens at RPE 9!
cd: 150 easy, hold form

Yes you read right RPE9!!! Jinkies. It was a great swim workout! IT took me 42 mins. I jumped out the pool grabbed my bike shoes, threw a t shirts on, ran up stairs to hit the 45 min spin class at i have a 45min bike scheduled today to. But Alas it was sold out. No bikes left. Ahhhh Shucks. Fridays spin isn't normally that busy.

I will go back tonight to do the 6pm spin or do it on my trainer. But i really feel like i am going a little faster on the swim now. MY kids probably want to hang out at the Y tonight anyway.

I have been thinking about joining weight watchers for mental support. But i will have to talk to my wife about this. I don't want to go to the meetings without her! I already do too many things without her so i want us to do this together. Now how the Heck do you ask your wife if she wants to come to weight watchers with you with out getting your arse kicked? Advise please?!!!

One of my spin Instructors saw me on the way in to the gym and said 'Your an ANIMAL on the fittness challenge!' THis is the YMCA challenge we are having and i have been rackin up alot of points because of my Half Iron Man training. SPeaking of the Half Iron Man i have been thinking about the effort on it. DO you think a half Iron man for a 250LB guy is the same as a Full Iron man for a 150LB guy? Lol.

From my webcast yesterday a Lady called in that had heard and told one of my work buddies that 'whoevers voice it is on the webcast makes my toes curl!' Pretty cool. Thats a good thing right?

Sunday i have INDOOR TRIATHLON!! YAaaaaaaaay!!! My start time is 8am. I will let you know how it goes. I will hopefully record some for my Podcast also.

I took this picture this morning outside my YMCA. It is right on Lake Michigan. this was at about 6.10am. Well i got to finish my Friday off. MY Wife will be home tomorrow too. YAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

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  1. Well I can only speak as a woman on the weight watcher invite to the wife. If she has expressed a wish to lose weight then really you are being nothing but supportive. You want to spend time with her and if that includes time at a 1/2 hour weight watcher meeting which will help you both work towards a shared goal then I think that is very romantic. I decided to join Weight Watchers this year to lose the last 40 lbs that has been dogging me and asked my husband to join w/ me but he would not. So I'm going on my own. I figure once he see's I'm consistently losing weight (7 lbs in the last 5 weeks:) he'll change his mind. Good luck!