Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday

Yes i am on the road still.
Just wanted to let you know i have been working from 7am until 11pm with the show and hosting a booth.
Today is my birthday but i will celebrate when i get home.
I did manage to run with a guy today that has done 27 Marathons! sweet! we snuck out the show and did some Boardwalk miles.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Travel Day and more

Yes today is a travel day for me and my job. But first a run down of the weekend.
Saturday started out great! I went long for a double spin class with some extra cycling for 2 hours total and about 43 miles. Then went straight over to the treadmill after changing some clothes super quick and put in a 30 min run which was about 30 mins. This is called a Brick in super cool Triathlon World.
My goal here was to keep my heart rate above 120 bpm for 2.5hrs to get myself used to Half Iron man lengths.
It went good and i woke up on Sunday with no aches like i sometimes do when i go long. I got all this done and got home by 10.30am to be with my family.
My beautiful Bride and i saw the movie 'The Book Of Eli' which i really liked but she say i owe her at least 3 chick flicks for that one.

Sunday i did not go to the gym but ran around Green Bay all morning going to Church and getting my haircut.

This morning i had to head to the airport by 8am. So i put my long run in at 5am at the YMCA. 1.5hrs on the treadmill got me to about 8.2 miles. Not too shabby.

Then i got to the airport and my first flight was on time. As soon as i checked the board in Detroit my next flight had a big red CANCELED on it. Dang it. SO here i am. Waiting for a few more hours till the next one.

I was on schedule to be in Philly by 3pm and to my hotel in Atlantic City by 6pm.
Not any more. I am sure i wont be at the hotel till 8 or 9pm so its a good thing i rocked the treadmill this morning.

Travel On.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Shake off an feelings of not eating right yesterday or the weight you gained over Christmas holding you back.

Sometimes I have a problem thinking of my self as athletic, I am over weight still and i feel that it holds me back from go faster on my bike or letting me run faster. I AM working on it but i fail sometimes. I am not always 100% perfect (can you believe that?) Shake off those feelings. THey really do not mean much.

I remember running when i was 390LBS and 15 mins of non stop running was a killer. Maybe thats where your at but it does not mean you are any LESS of an athlete than some that is 150LBS and can run for 2 hours! Keep at it. You will be fine.

90% of what you worry might happen will never happen! Think about that. What a lot of time wasted! Be in the moment. Right now is what counts. YOu can not change the past..all you can change is right now!

Hang in there in the hard times, you will make it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random picture of the day is this light house. It was on the Beach of the Bocca Bop Triathlon i did in Florida in November. Wow that seems like so long away. My wife is still not home.

I think today is going to have to be a rest day. I may get on my trainer but getting out to the YMCA is very unlikely at this point. Had a busy day so i should probably clean the house up for when my wife comes home tomorrow.

The temps at the weekend look good but it is meant to rain. I hope i can find a spot in there to get out on my mountain bike :)

I should spend time tonight focusing mentally on what i need to do to eat healthy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

End of a Decade!

I didnt manage to get to the pool last night as one of my little girls had a nasty headache and i am Mr. Mum this week. Ah well. Tonight i hope.
My schedule is so way off this week as i have to get them on the Bus in the mornings.
I found some very interesting Triathlon Facts on the growing sport of Triathlon. from 2000-2010 triathlon has changed alot! Here are some of the ways:
  • The USAT staff consisted of 9 people in 1999, today they have 44 staff
  • Youth USAT membership was 19,060 in 1999 now it is 132,000
  • The shoe market now targets special triathlon racing flats while bike shoes are geared towards faster technologies (one velcro strap versus the traditional three)
  • Races now sell out. In 1999, very few even wanted to limit entries.
  • While Triathlon and duathlon contine to succeed, winter traithlon, aquathlon and aquabike all are seeing significant gains in popularity
  • The number of compaines that sells goods realated directly to multisport is tenfold greater than it was in 1999.

Thats it so far today!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I finaly did it!!

WOW!! After much nervousness i finally did a lunch time run!!! I was very afraid to walk through the factory in a running shirt, tracksuit pants and sneakers but i did it any way.

I had 50min lunch break. I got changed at my locker got outside after a few funny looks walking through the factory then started to run!

It was about 31F and sunny with some wind. I ran non stop for 20mins with a HR of around 130-140 then walked 1 min and ran back 20 mins.

I walked through the factory. Went to my locker. Took a 2 min shower dressed and was back at my desk and in 55mins!!!

I got in 4.1 miles total which is about 700 calories burned on me:)
Hopefully i will be swiming tonight. You can see my Nu Dolphin underwater Mp3 that i love and keeps my swim laps from killing me of boredom

Face the fear and get outside your comfort zone.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Spining Crazy

SO today was more spinning. Got to class early so i could go more miles and stayed late. I felt kind of weird about being the first one there and sweat dripping on the floor already when everyone else arrived. Then being the last one there because i needed an extra 10 mins after they were done.

If you never been spinning before GO! It is a super good workout and you will push yourself way more in a class than you ever would on your own.

The bike we have are fantastic too. They work with my heart rate monitor so you can see your heart rate readout on the screen instead of having to look at my watch. I use SPD clips on my shoes and you can clip in for extra work. But you can also do it in sneakers and you will not fell out of place. Normally it is about 50/50 in sneakers and clip in shoes.

On Saturaday i got to ride out side!!! Woot! Went with two other guys for a trail ride. The trail however was way too snowy. So we eneded up just riding on the road. But it felt Fantastic to get outside!

Here is some pics of my bike on my amazin Saris Bones Rack! I did not match my bike colour to my car colour on purpose either, but it makes me even more powerful

Friday, January 15, 2010


Well it is getting to the weekend folks!

I have planed a double spin Class at the YMCA then i am going to the launch party of lighten up Wisconsin after that.

Of course all my plans could come crashing down in seconds. But you got to have some kind of plan!

Did a push run on the treadmill this morning 55 mins. I would of licked to hit the pool too but we have a 7am meeting on Fridays at work.

I hope what ever your doing this weekend involves something were you get outside or you get some exersise in.

The adventure begins when you leave the door of your house!
O the picture is of a Triathlon i did in Florida in November.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get out for Lunch

So lately i have been walking on my 50 min lunch break. I dont live close enough to go home for lunch so i just sit at my desk or go shopping (not good). I am getting back into lunch time walking.
The temp was 32F today but a bit windy. My goal is to go for a run at lunch times and i am getting closer. I have a locker and there is a shower here i can use. So a 35-45 min may be possible.
Of course people here think i am crazy. But you have to get used to that if your going to be good to your body. I hear all the excuses all the time. Oh i will get all sweaty. Actually if its 30f you really dont get to sweaty. IF you got no shower at wirk try a product called action wipes, or you could use baby wipes.
Just got out there and get some fresh air in your lungs people :) I take my Ipod touch and listerning to some music or a Podcast. This is an awesome way to break up your day at work.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Love for your trainer

Love your trainer.!

Today i went to spin class at the Y. I got there early so i could do extra (just call me shinny apple student)

I needed to get more than the 45min class had. So i got on the bike at 5.10am and the class started at 5.45am and was over at 6.30am. Not too bad.
Althogh for 10 mins there i started to feel really queezy and hoped i was not going to throw up in front of the whole class.

Now it is still bery improtant to get on your real bike on the trainer i think. This keeps me used to the postion i will actually be in on long rides. So have some love for your trainer at home as well as spin class in these cold cold dark months.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You know there are 3 Ladies living in your house when the self in your shower looks like this:).
I do not really mind it i just noticed it last night after my trainer session on the bike. I normally shower at the YMCA so i have not used the home shower for a few days.
There used to be 5 women and me in the house. I guess it is payback for growing up with my Brother, Dad and my poor Mum!

Training going good. Spent 1.5hrs on the trainer last night in my bedroom. It was kind of funny the things you see sitting semi still in my house. Over that 1.5 hrs i think my two little girls danced, cried, played with the dog, brought up hand made notes and letters for me to read, begged that i would bake them cookies and make hot chocolate after i was done. My wife talked on the phone at the same time as getting a new high score on Bejeweled 2. The things that happen in my house in a 1.5 hour period are amazing.

This morning i ran a quick 3.2 miles on the treadmill and completed 60 Laps of the pool.

The temperature came up to 25F!! woo Ho it feels like a heat wave and i might even walk for lunch!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ahhhh Back to work.
This picture has me missing my moutain bike is this super cold snowy weather.

Well the weekend is over and it was another crazy one. I did not workout on Saturaday as planned but spent some time with the family. I can not say it was quailty time but it was time. I need to work on the quality part :).

Had some major FOMO (fear of missing out) as i could not make it to the Disney Marathon i was entered in to in Disney.

Managed to get the podcast out with minor difficulties.

Got my office a little more organized this morning so i can be more productive with work things. I am on a mission to get my bike ride in today. Not sure if it is going to be at home on the trainer or at the YMCA in a spin class.

I was listerning to BBC Radio 1 this morning and they talked about exersise program on VINAL RECORDS!!! OMG! This was in a time before DVD's before VHS. You could buy a program to workout to on Record! I remember my Mum had one of these. She had a Jane Fonda workout record she used to do.

How crazy is that. You sure could not do any jumping jacks as the record would skip!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just getting it done

Just getting it done.

Some days your workouts make you feel like a super hero, energized, healthy, ready to rock the day.

Then some days it is JUST about getting it done. Today it was about just getting it done

.I have been thinking alot about my perception vs reality. I have a perception of who i think i am then there is the cold hard reality. There seems to be a distance between the two. My buddy Bret got me thinking about this.

On a different note i used my HRM for swiming today. Kinda cool. I could hear it beeping underwater when i was below my low heart rate point. I showered good but i still smell like pool a bit.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Well i think my Podcast is uploading again finally. I went through everything i could do to get it back online and the good folks at Podbean got me going again.

A little sad this weekend because i am meant to be running the Disney Marathon in Orlando. I booked it when i lived in Florida but since then i lost my job down there and moved back to my old job in Wisconsin.

There is not really a way for me to fly down there this weekend and get back in time for work on Monday. Ahhhh well.

I feel like i am letting myself down a bit and my listerners too. The only way for me to go would be to fly out Sat morning or Friday night by myself, run Sunday and then fly home Sunday night for work on Monday eeeeeek!

I do not know anyone else that is doing it so i would be totaly alone and i am not sure how my legs would feel afterwards getting back on a plane.

Well if anyone wants my entry that i just lost $150 on let me know:)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lazy Boy today :)!

Missed this mornings workout due to not getting out of bed. So i talked myself into going to the YMCA in the evening as my wife was going to out tonight anyway.

So i took the girls and got on the treadmill. There were LOTS of new people there, but thats ok. Its good to see people trying to get into a habit of it.Loving my new Heart Rate Monitor, my 'feelings' of exhaustions were not truly real and i worked through them.

I think it could be time to clean my locker already.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rest Day and back to the bike

Well yesterday i forced myself to rest for the whole day (apart from work of course). My body felt pretty banged up. I was dying to get on the trainer when i got home from work but i forced myself not to.

THis morning i made it to the YMCA for the spin class. But i needed a long ride. THe class starts at 5.30 and goes for an hour. I managed to get on a bike by 5.05am and stayed there until 6.40 making sure i kept my heart rate above 120 the whole time.

My new POlar R100 is working out great!

I remember a year HATING heart rate training but now i am getting into it. It is set so it beeps at below 120bpm and i HATE hearing those beeps so it kept me going.

MY new running shoes are working great and my new Nathans shoe pod for my nike plus system is working awesome.

I STILL can not get my podcast to upload:( Pod bean sent me a few things to try but i dont hold out much hope.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Blog

Finally managed to lose some weight again.
I made allot of adjustments to my diet and exercise program and i finally dropped 4 pounds..woo hoo.

I am having trouble uploading my Podcast. I don't know if it is my computer or my Pod bean account. I will keep working on it.

I need to update more oftern here this year. We will see how it goes.

Oh Half Iron Man training offically starts on Jan 30th 2010. But i am doing serious base training untill then.