Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Loss

So i am back! Sorry about not being here. I got back from my trip and it has been a little busy :) Half Iron Man training is going well. Today i had a LONG swim. For me anyway. It took me 1hr 10 mins to finish it. Which seemed like forever to me in the pool.
Yesterday was weigh in and i managed to lose 4.6LBS last week!!!! WOW. That's huge! The lady that wrote it down added wrong and put 6.6 at first at looked at me very concerned! 'Are you eating?' she said. Yes ALOT. So my Total on Weight Watchers is 18 pounds in 5 weeks. A leader told me that normally they would ask you to bring a note from your doctor because i am above average weight loss and they want to make sure everything is ok. I feel like i am eating all the time though! I guess it may because of the fruits and veggies being very low in points and i eat allot of them.
I actually managed to get out on my Bike on Monday. I did some mountain biking in the woods after work! Sweet!! It was still cold but it felt really good clipping by trees and dirt in the woods.
I still see myself as a really slow swimmer. I could def benefit from some master classes but i don't want to learn backstroke and breaststroke etc. This week is swim theme week and i have been swimming every day with some bike and runs mixed in.
I am really hoping to be under 240 next week. You can def see it now. My belt is really getting lose again. My XL shirts are getting to big again so i can start to move into L! Yes! People are starting to notice i am losing weight again also.
100 Push up challenge is going good to. I am in week 4 right now. I didn't realize you are meant to do it every other day at the most! I was doing it every day. No wonder it was so hard!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Big Easy

So here i am down in New Orleans for work. I really like the city. I am staying downtown so almost everything is in easy reach. I made sure i got a refrigerator for my room so i could have healthy food around when i needed it. There are allot of business dinners to go to but i have been doing good and staying in track. I did try a bite of fried alligator and some rabbit liver just to say that i had some!
Training is going well and thankfully this is a recovery week for me. The hotel gym is actually pretty good. I ran down Bourbon street yesterday morning. I was wondering why they were all washing the street then i realized it was from all the you know what the night before.
People like to come down here and PARTY HARD. I was walking by a bar last night and a business man comes out, falls on the floor in front of me in the fetal position and throws up. I asked him if he was OK and got him to sit up. I told him he should get back to his hotel but he didn't want to move. The problem with that is the police will arrest you if they find you like that. So with the help of another guy we got him up and back to his hotel which was just round the corner thankfully!
Yesterday as i was 2 miles into my run i saw 5 college girls/guys running. I didn't know exactly where i was and i asked if i could just run with them. They were all super fit but i was proud i could hold my own with them! That would NOT have happened 2 years ago. I would NEVER imagined just 2 years ago i would ever be able to keep up with this young runners. WOW what an amazing moment that was!
I can not find a pool though! There is an athletic club a few blocks from here that has a 20meter pool built back in 1887! So it is very fancy! i might give it a try.
I will check in with you soon! The picture is of Louisiana supreme court.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Off outa town

Yes i am off out of town to a convention in New Orleans. I have to set up our booth on Sat/Sun and the show starts on Monday.
Yesterday i started off the day with a huge Migraine, by 4 pm i finally shook it and by 6 pm i was feeling much better. I managed to get in a 2 hour bike ride and a 1 hour swim in the evening.
I also started a 100 push up program. There is a app for my itouch/iphone out there on itunes called hundred push ups you can down load. It is normally $2 but it is only $1 for the month of march! Its an awesome app! it even gives you your rest period countdown. To start with you put in how many push ups you can do right now non stop. I squeezed out 20 before collapsing. A few months ago i could of made 27 but i have been slacking on my push runs of late. Then it builds a program for you from there. I highly recommend it.
I called my hotel for the week last night and asked them to give me a refrigerator in my room so i could eat healthy while i am there. That's going to be a challenge because it is a Dunkin Brands show and i am SURE they are going to have lots of free samples..GULP...
Well i got 5 mins before i have to head to the airport so i best go pack.
O the picture is from when i left the gym in the morning this week..enjoy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yes!!! This morning i found out i had won this sweet bag, towel and water bottle for the fitness challenge that i won that took place Jan 1st - March 1st. Sweet!!!
And even BETTER i weighed in last night at WW and i was down 4LBS! Woot!! SO that's a total of 12 pounds in 3 weeks! I am pleased about that!
Last night we talked about portion control. This has always been a hard thing for me. Yesterday i measured my 1/4 cup of Pistachio nuts it its way smaller than you think.
Cereal too. Try measuring out your bowl of cereal in the morning and see just how little a serving really is. Most of the time you could be eating up to 4 servings in one typical bowl. Once you get used to measuring things out it is not so bad and it gives you allot of control. We talked about people that are stuck on a certain weight and how just measuring the portions could help them right through it.
Some people said that when they stop measuring their portions creep bigger and bigger.
This morning's workout was a 90min run on the treadmill. Seemed like it took forever! I can not wait to be outside running again. I am scheduled for a 45 min swim tomorrow which usually takes me 60mins for some reason. Guess i am just slow. Yesterdays speed workout must of worked good as my shoulders are achy when i got up this morning. I kept falling over my feet this morning after getting changed on the way to work.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Typical Day

So today i thought i would take you through a work day as much as i can.
Woke up late 6.30am i was meant to go to the gym at 5.00am but that does not always happen on Mondays. Now i will have to go after work which i don't like to do but i have got 1.5hr workout that has to be done. I should of gone to bed early but i was watching the new mini series 'Pacific' on HBO i have been waiting to come out. I am a huge band of brothers fan.
Got to work at 7.30am. At 9.00am i had International House sugar free French Vanilla coffee. 1 Point!
10.30am small Cambell chicken noodle soup and my Mens health vitamin 2 points
11.00am Grapes (Red) 1 point
12.30pm went for a lunch time walk with my wife for 30mins 2 activity points
1.25pm Smart Ones Chicken Enchiladas 6 Points
2.30pm Weight Watchers Yogurt 1 point
3.45pm Orville Redenbachers 94% fat free popcorn 2 points
4.30pm done withwork off to the YMCA
5.15pm Run on Treadmill for 30mins
6.00pm Spin Class for 1 hour
7.30pm got home and ate yummy Turkey Chilli made by my amazin wife and her superb cooking skills. 8 points.
The ground turkey instead of ground beef takes of 4 points a serving! so i had 2 servings!
8.00pm. Skinny Cow Ice cream 2 points
8.30pm Yogurt 1 point.
Then i got ready for bed, got my workout clothes ready for the morning and wrote down the swim workout i was meant to do.
more to come...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yay outside we go!!!

Yes i got outside today for a 2 hour ride!
I meet my mountain bike group and we went for a 1 hour ride and i also added an extra 1 hour ride to complete my 2 hour ride scheduled for Iron man training today.

It was 31F and super windy. I had ALOT of clothes on. Cycling bib, undershirt, knee warmers, leg warmers, tee shirt, track suit pants, 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of gloves, my EXO-PRO face mask to keep ears face and neck warm and a jacket!!! Be glad when it does not take me 20 mins to get all my clothes on. Here is a link for my fantastic face mask:

I heard from a fan Sara who has got a brand new shinny bike. Here a pic of it..i am jealous!

I had a great ride with with of my new mountain bike pals! Here is some shots of them today. Seven of us rode in the cold

I had a good day on my WW plan. Getting plenty of fruit and veggies. For dinner i had Chicken and Sweetcorn wit a lil potatoes! Super good. As well as adding the 2 hour ride to my acidity points i had a great 1 hour walk with my wife today!!! Thanks hottie!!

Well thats all from me today. Tomorrow is another awesome day ahead! Enjoy your life because it is short!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Back from Louisville KY

Sorry if you have missed me. I was just CRAZY last week on another work trip. I was in Louisville KY again. I had some amazing runs! It was 60-70F outside all week and i managed to get in some outdoor running and got some looooonnnng pool workouts in thanks to the Louisville YMCA downtown. I got tow long bike rides in on the trainer (Yes i WISH i had thrown my bike in the back of the rental)

Among the highlights i had to go to my second Weight Watchers weigh in. I had to look up a place to go and weigh in. I stepped on the scale and my heart sank. My first week i lost 7.8LBS and this time only 0.2! Awwww. Well it was not the same scale and they explained having such a big loss the week before meant i would not get one this time. All that got me through is thinking that on biggest loser they always have very bad weigh ins on week 2.

I had to eat out alot last week but i kept in my points range. I hope i do better this Tuesday. I am only going to be in the office Mon-Thur then on Friday i have to fly to New Orleans for work Fri-Thur.

Training is going ok. It IS difficult to keep up on the plan while traveling for work but it can be done. I did have to give up hanging out with people to go to the pool.

Welcome home.

Friday, March 5, 2010

It's going to get crazy

This weekend i am away on a marriage conference. Today is my rest day on my workout schedule. After work today i have to grab clothes and head 1.5 hours away with my wife. We will be in Seminars all night tonight, all day Saturday and Sat night and heading back late Sat. Then Sunday i am off back to Louisville for work. SO that is about a 9 hour drive.

As you can tell it is going to be very difficult to slid a workout in until Monday. So looks like i might be going 3 days with no workout. This is very worrying to me. I am still on track on my weight watchers plan. I found a place in Louisville KY i can go to a meeting on Tuesday night to weigh in.

I am meant to be doing a 2 hour cycle workout on Sat but i don't think that is going to happen. I am going to be fully concentrate on building my marriage stronger this weekend. And giving my wife some much needed attention.

I already know where the gym is for next week as i have been down there before. Again i will be in a class room all week where boxes of donuts are constantly out. This probably wouldn't bother most people but it does me.

I will have to plan ahead with food to eat and things to drink as normally they just have soda and coffee.

The picture today is my swim workouts. I keep them in a zip lock bag so i can take them onto the pool side.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yessssssssssssssssss Weight Loss!

Yes!!!!!! Yesterday was weigh in for me and i am DOWN! I managed to stay on plan a whole week. Normally i can mange 3 or 4 days when i do it on my own then i kind of drift off.
This week i stayed on plan the whole week. I messed up yesterday a little which was a mistake but i learned from it.
SOOOooo i lost 7.8LBS last week!!! Cricky!! I expected 3-4 because i really feel like i have been eating alot. MY switch to raw veggies and fruits is helping. It is still coming along and last night we talked about eating new foods. There are lots of fruits and veggies i have never even tried. So this week i am meant to focus on eating 10 new foods i have never had before.
I am taking a daily Multivitamin now as sometimes i get leg cramps in calf's after swimming. 7.8lbs !!! My wife lost Over 5 LBS too! Way to go wife!!!! She did not really even exercise either. She wanted the first week to be about focusing on what she ate!
This morning i ate egg beaters. If you have never had them try them.
I find the best way to cook them is in a pan not the microwave. I make an omelet with them and sprinkle just a little cheese in them.
Tonight i have a run/bike to do while the girls play around.
Here is some tips on what you should eat every day.
#1 Leafy greens Medical experts call them one of nature's miracle foods. Leafy greens like Swiss chard and kale are high in nutrients like folate and vitamins A and C that can lower your risk of cancer. Just one cup of dark, leafy greens a day could also prevent diabetes and high blood pressure.
#2 NutsMany nutritionists recommend nuts like almonds, cashews and walnuts because they're high in natural fiber. Fiber slows your digestive process, keeping hunger and unhealthy mid-afternoon snacks at bay. Goodbye vending machine runs!
#3 OnionsStudies show that consuming onions on a regular basis may reduce symptoms of asthma and the risk of developing stomach cancer. Add them to soups and stir-fry, and just remember -- the stronger the onion, the greater the health benefit.
#4 Whole grainsRefined grains, like white rice and pasta, have lost 90% of their nutritional value through the refining process. As if that weren't reason enough to choose whole grains like brown rice, quinoa and whole oats, a recent study showed that a diet rich in whole grains actually flattens your belly by reducing fat storage in your lower abdominal region.
#5 Yogurt Making yogurt part of your daily eating routine can improve your digestion -- if you're buying the right stuff. Check that the label lists "active cultures" to make sure you're getting healthy probiotics, and pick a yogurt rich in vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis.
So next weeks focus for me is going to be:
  • track my points again
  • keep as close as i can to my workouts
  • concentrate on eating raw fruits and vegetables and staying away from processed foods as much as possible
  • pay attention to my cravings and what causes them
  • eating right on the road (yep i am traveling next week and away this weekend)

Picture is of a motivational book i keep in my office i got for Christmas!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Darn Potato Salad

It was my daughters Birthday a two weeks ago and i can not believe she is 10 already!! How did that happen? She is going up crazy fast. Happy Birthday Emily!!

So it is weigh in day today at i had a disaster at lunch time. I had to go out with a business group. It was a buffet type lunch and i got Some soup and some fruits but i let myself have some potato salad too. When i got back to track my points i found that the P.Salad was 7 points for HALF A CUP. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Disaster! And i had a cup and a half.I am trying not to let it mess up day and learn from the mistake i made. Then my boss pushes into my hand Girl Scout Cookies that he does not want. I had to give them away.
It is not that 1 cookie would be super bad for me but i think i am like an addict. I got a taste for the chocolate sugar and i get all shaky and have to have more and more. It is a weird feeling but i am glad i finally recognize it.

Workout info: Last night i did hill repeats on my trainer. 7x4:00 min hard hills with a 2 min rest between. 15 min warm up and cool down. Very hard effort. It took me 1hour 10 mins to get done. I watch Grey's Anatomy while i rode but listened to my I Touch. I watched Gray's because my wife was watching it.
This morning was a 30 min run then a SUPER long swim workout for me
This is the longest i have probably ever swam. Ended up being 96 lengths of our 25meter pool in total.

Tonight is weigh in.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello Monday

Weekend is over :( I had a killer two days training. Saturday i did a double spin class (hardcore) for a total of 2 hours on the bike. It makes a great way to start the weekend. I have to say that as hard as that was it still does not compare to the endurance needed to go to JC Pennys and Walmart and spend 2-3 hours looking for swim suits for two little girls!
Sunday i had a huge swim for me anyway. I woke up Monday and my shoulders are sore from it. Today i have something call 'Hill Repeats' on the bike..hmmmm does not sound like fun!
As far as weight watchers is going it is day 6 for me. Still doing ok and i dont find i am to hungry. I picked up some daily vitamins today to make sure i am getting everything i need.
I lost a ton of audio somehow on my podcast. I haste when that happens. I sent the episode 20 out anyway it just came up a little short.

I am doing well at the fitness challenge at the YMCA. I posted the picture on my blog but i do not think you can see it very well. I am in third place with 1010 miles. There are two familys in front of me. I am in first place individually but i want to catch those families,

Still have the sore throat in the mornings so i am putting off my trainer ride until tonight. I am super excited about me weigh in tomorrow. Get back here to see how i did!!!

Totals For Feb:

285miles Biked
52.59miles Ran
19225 Meters Swam