Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Indoor Triathlon

SO Sunday was indoor Triathlon Time!!! Woot.
I was in the first wave and there were 6 people to a wave. We swam 18 laps of our indoor pool. I had my 10 yr old daughter lap counting for me and she did a great job. MY pace was fast and she said i came out of the water second or third out of all of us.
Then i ran over to the spin bikes. I stayed with sneaker and not clip less shoes as 5 miles is pretty short. I was sweating a good bit by then. I headed off to the run next.
We had to run 25laps of their indoor track. This is pretty much when everyone caught up with me. MY heart rate was in the 160's! I normally run at 130. I just couldn't seem to force myself to slow down. After 10 mins running i FORCED myself to walk fast for 1 min. This helped allot.
My Final time was 41 mins something. Last year i was 46 mins! SO i made up good time.
I do not have all the placings yet as they have not put them on their website.
It was good fun and i highly recomend it.
I am going to a Weight Watchers meeting tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! I talked to my wife and she was all for it. Especially seeing as her brother just lost 25lbs from being with them. We are going to go check out a meeting tonight. I shall let you know what goes on:).

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