Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello Weight Watchers

Well i did it!!! I asked my wife if she wanted to come with me and we both ended up joining! This is my second day 'on plan'.
The meeting was pretty cool. I did not realize they were only 30mins long either. Of course i was the ONLY man in there except for a guy in his 80's at the back. After the meeting i decided to join up. I got weighed, got my little book, she taught me how to use the point system. I got home and went online to download the app for my Ipod touch and Blackberry. Everything is good to go.
I like that my first goal is 5% of my weight loss to work towards. It doesn't seem so far away. There were lots of normal people in the meeting and they all had great advice.
Today is my second day and i am doing good so far. I do not feel hungry and i am learning to love fruits and veggies again.
Another cool thing that happened was the Lunch pool swim. On Tuesday i tried to catch up a 30 min swim workout. So i rushed out the door, drove to the YMCA and got my 30min swim in. I got back just in time that i was not late from lunch. Very cool!!!
Wednesday i was scheduled for a 1hr 15 min run which i just barely made. I have had a really sore throat and alot of congestion in the mornings. I was hoping to go 1hr 30mins but i just got done what i had to do that day.
This morning was a swim/ bike. Is that a Swike? or a Bim? anyway i got it done. Tomorrow is rest day!!! Phew!
Above is my snacks for work today. I had to go out on a business lunch so i had chicken soup. It was 11 points.
Last night i watche a movie called 'Food Inc' I HIGHLY recomend everyone watches it. Espically if you eat ANY kind of meat.
Let hope i rock day 3 on plan!

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  1. Great job on joining this! It really is a great program and teaches you alot. I am not actually a member of weight wathers, but I do follow it via an excel spreasheet that calculates my daily totals for every week.