Monday, February 1, 2010

Your entry to the High Cliff Half Iron Man has been acepted

"Your entry to the High Cliff Half Iron Man has been accepted" is what i read this morning after i signed up. Today is the last day before the early bird fees go up. There are more races i want to enter before the fees go up today but i just can not unload that much money right away. As it is this race was $90. Which is actually cheap as some Half Iron Mans are 200-250 bucks!

Sorry i been a bit absent but i been super busy:) As i am sure you are too! Yesterday my official Half Iron man program began. Here is a link to the actual event.

Yesterday was day 1 and my program called for 40min run at RPE 3 and a 40 min swim. However...i been doing my long runs on Sundays and i didn't want to give that up. I had time so i ran 1 Hour 40mins for 9.3 miles. This was with walking 1 min and running 9 min. It hurt but my legs were fine this Morin:)!

Today i had cycle 1 hour and run 30mins. I was worried about running 2 days in a row cas i don't normally do that. It was fine though! I did a spin class for the bike and just stayed an extra 15mins to make it to 1 hour.

I downloaded some new videos this weekend for my bike trainer too. They are truly AMAZING. They will play on my Ipod touch or on a Laptop. I love the aggressive and funny style of them. You can check them out here.

I am a bit behind on my Podcast but i will be updating you soon.

So many races i want to do this year. I have to be care full with the race fees though. I would race EVERY weekend in the summer if i could. Here are some i want to do:

YMCA Indoor Triathlon Feb 21st
Paper Discovery Duathlon May 2nd
Green Bay Trithlon (Olympic) June 6th
Cellcom Half Marathon May
OshKosh Triathlon Aug 8th
MAnitowoc YMCA Triathlon Aug ?
Door County 100mile ride

There is so many i am bursting to do....easy cowboy

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  1. So it's official! YAY. I look forward to hearing how the training goes. You are such a brave person.

    I agree, I'd like to do a lot of races, but I just think my family would kill me if I took up every weekend in the summer! Plus I'm likely going to be doing a 2 day, 100km/day bike ride for Cancer Research..... yikes!

    Still listening to last podcast.... will finish on the way home tonight!