Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sleep is back...

Finally i got some solid sleep last night!! It felt good! I managed not to eat anything after 6.30pm and i think that really helped!
I woke up at 4am after my alarm went off and decided i needed the sleep. It felt great. So i got to lie in until 6.30am this morning wooo hooo. :)

I plan on doing my workout after work today to shake things up a bit and my kids can play in the pool while i do my swim workout. I have new motivation to eat right and i started tracking my food intake on sparkspeople again. The food is such a mental battle with me.
My brain needs to be trained better about food and everything else too. It like a dog..i tell it to be still and then it runs off after a distraction and i have to tell it again 'No no come back sit still' and so it goes on. Eventually it will get used to sitting still and being focused.

Lunch time update: It has been too cold to walk or run for me but i am hoping it breaks soon! I am so excited about the summer coming. I cant WAIT to be riding my bike to work again. The morning ride in was OK last summer but the ride home was always AMAZING, a total stress buster.

O the picture today is me listerning to one of my fav Podcasts!

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