Friday, December 10, 2010

Turkey Trot

So....thanksgiving day i ran the festival turkey trot. You could do rhe 5 mile or the 2 mile. I picked the 5 mile of course!
It had been a while since i had ran this distance as my heel problems had finally gone andd i felt i could could complete this one. It was local event only about 10 miles from my house.
I got there early because i had work to do!! I had to leaflet (put leaflets on cars) for a company i do work for sometimes advertising an upcoming 15 and 5k. It was raining just slightly and the temp was about 28F. Cold but not too bad for this time in Wisconsin. I decided against putting leaflets on car windows and stood outside the entrance just handing out my fliers. I prefer this method as i find people do not like finding them on windscreens.

So check in was indoors in a high school gym. Good idea in this cold. A lady was paniced though as she had bought her dog to the 2 mile walk and she could not go in to regisiter. She asked me if i could go in for her and pick up her 3 friends packets too. I told her there is no way i am going to remeber all there names. Her dog was so cute i told her i would stay with her dog while she ran in. It was a sweet lab and it stuck to my leg to keep warm as it awaited its owners return. she was gone for about 20 mins as it was by now a long line to check in.

Anyone on to the run....

As you can see it looks pretty chilly at the start. My plan was to go slower than my fast 5k pace and to keep my HR around 130 -140. I managed that ok. I did start to feel sick at a few points so i backed off.

I came in at 42 mins. Not bad for me. Overall the race was awesome and i had a great time.

On a very sad note......i ran close to a  friend of mine called Amy. She beat me by 1 second! Of course i was going flat out and she was coasting. She works at the same place i do and most mornings i see her. Well 1 week after this race she she was hit in a car accident and died. Her picture is below she is the one in the middle.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween is over!!!!!

Halloween is rough for me! I wont lie about it. I am like a crack addict when it comes to chocolate. I don't know what it is about it. Maybe it is some childhood memory i hold on to locked away in my subconscious somewhere that just fires me up when i get with in 5 feet of it. It makes it very draining on my energy levels resisting it all weekend. So glad it is over now!

My foot has been feeling better so i have been doing some short distance runs of no more than 3 miles. Winter bike season is in full force so i am hiding inside on the treadmill, spin class, boot camp and finally back swimming again.

I did sign up for the Festival Turkey Trot 5mile run on Thanks Giving Day and a 15K run 3 days after that to keep me going through any of the cold weather blues. Hopefully my foot will be fine for a 15k by then.

I tried to skip rope in boot camp again today but i just can not get it! I would love to be able to but i just don't seem to have to the co ordination for it yet, got keep trying!

Thats it for now.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Candy

Ahhhh it is that time of year again!
There is so much candy around and i have a weakness for Chocolate! I am just going to have to be super strong and remember how bad all that sugar is for me and all the headaches it gives me.
In England Halloween was not such a big deal as it is here. I even remember watching American TV shows as a teenager like Roseanne, they would have these big Halloween specials and it seemed Americans would go crazy at Halloween. It made no sense to me until i moved here. Again it seems that is a huge money maker for the industry to push their products on this time of year.
Now do not get me wrong, i love this time of year of brown leafs and cool temperatures it is just the amazing. It just the huge push to get my kids too eat unreal amount of sugar that gets too me.

Guinea pigs are not food!!
So last night i see my wife watching a show on the Travel Network where they are in a foreign country eating Guinea pigs! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, i had a g pig when i was little and i still love them! I stood there in shock as they ate them roasted and you could clearly see they were g pigs! It is still haunting me today. I understand they do eat weird things in other countries but please don't show it! You might think i am over reacting but i bet you wouldn't want to see them eat dogs or cats. Yet another reason i am vegetarian.

My foot hurts
Yep the bottom of my left foot hurts. I think i have an injury. It hurts to walk on it and running is out this week. I was meant to play Racquetball with a friend this week but had to cancel. I never played Racquetball but did play Squash in high school in England so hopefully i will have some kind of clue.
Instead of running i had to swim and do elliptical training. Lets hope it is better by the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day!

The pictures are of 2 goats that walked along a bridge one from each side. When they meet in the middle they could not go around each other or go backwards (i guess Goats can't go backwards) They were stuck there for 2 days before they were rescued. My farmer friend says they are male and female. I wonder what they were going to do up there! Poor lil goats!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Green Bay Duathlon

Wow lots to catch up on! First my Green Bay Duathlon:

Got up at 4.30am and left at 5am to get there for 6am. Stopped to pick up some water but did not eat or drink before the race (i know better) Very foggy on the way up there. I had done a 4 mile running race the day before this race.

I saw my BT Buddy Jerry!!! Sweet! Dan from Heavy Pedal was here too.

I ran about 1 mile or for about 10 mins to make sure i was doing ok. I seemed ok. No stomach problems today

Here is Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay packers where the event starts and finishes.

Run 3 miles: 23:10
Came out fast for the first mile run.Slowed a little then fast for the third mile. I tried to catch a guy i knew was a bit faster than me. I didn't hold back. He just beat me in but anything less than a 8 min mile is crazy fast for me.
I really really need to lose 25 pounds. I could be so much faster!! If i can go 8min miles at 230LBS what could i do at 200 pounds?

T1 : 1:35
Still too scared to leave my shoes in the pedals. I need to work on this for next year.

16th out of 28. Winner was 47 seconds.
Also my quick release on my front wheel got stuck in someone elses spokes on the rack. Need to make sure that does not happen. Cost me about 10 seconds.
Practice leaving shoes in pedals. I was happy with how i did. Need Triathlon shoes (NEED lol)

Bike 33 miles 1 Hour 31:19, 21.68avg mph
I pushed hard here all the way. I was dead set to have an average speed of over 20mph. My normal is 18-19. I wanted to win the Cydesdale division so bad and i knew i had to get an average of over 20 as my running was slow. Only once or twice it dropped to 18mph on a hill. Alot of 23-24 mph on the flats. Still it was not fast enough.
I went all out crazy speed. 20 LBS less i hope to be faster!

T2: 1:23
Winner was 27 seconds. I could not get my arm warmers off as i couldn't catch my breath and focus. Felt like i was going to fall over putting on my shoes.

Did get my helmet unstrapped while running in.

Run 2: 1 mile  8:20
Ran as fast as i could. Saw my friend Jackie out there and that helped speed me up. I was so hoping to place in Cydesdale.

Got my print out results. 10th! :(. Aww well. Maybe next time. Winner was 1:51., 2nd 1:54 and third 1:58. So i was 8 mins from third place. How am i gona get there next year i wonder?

Total Time = 2h 05m 48s

Overall Rank = 132/570
Age Group = Clydesdale
Age Group Rank = 10/28

I wanted one of these:!

Friday, October 8, 2010

5 Levels of speech, Some fall biking

I have been thinking lately i need to get a little deeper in my blogs. Instead of producing just the facts i need to dig down and talk about how i feel about issues. Recently i head there were 5 levels of conversation.

1. Basic matter of fact - This would be talk about the weather, how the Packers are doing (very common around here) and just everyday stuff that does not really mean that much

2. Lets talk about a subject or someone - This goes a little deeper but can still be hit or miss about most things. This could be conversation about someone or something.

3 Energy and passion - This goes a little deeper still. This is when someone talks about something with energy or passion.

4. Production - This is when 2 people understand the subject and are 'making' something. Not completely into the conversation but are working together on the end result.

5. Deep Conversation - This is rare and this is the one i would like to get to more. I know in conversations with my wife i am guilty of not getting to this one enough. I need to do this more within my family.

So i will try and get my blog a little deeper. My English is terrible which is surprising being from England! Aw well.

This is going to be a crazy weekend. I got a 4 mile cross country race on Saturday morning which i am feeling good about. I did it 2 years ago and i still have my time for it. I can not wait to see if i improve any on it.
Then Amy's 9th birthday party. This is a Golden birthday for her too. I had no clue what a golden birthday was until i moved to Wisconsin. It turns out that if you were born on the 9th your 9th birthday is Golden. The 22nd then when you turn 22 it would be your Golden etc.

I took some pictures of my mountain bike ride and i have using an amazing app on my Blackberry which is totally free and it tracks by GPS your whole ride. At first i though it would be much good but it is amazingly accurate. You can also track walks and runs!! Here is the link and you can see exactly where i went.

I  highly recommend Endomondo for biking, walking and running. I found it to be very accurate. It did not loose signal in the woods either.

It is going to be a busy weekend. I have a 4 mile run race on Sat and on Sunday it is the Green Bay Duathlon. The weather is meant to be sunny and 70F all weekend which is unheard of here in Wisconsin so i am SUPER excited.

Also this weekend i am going to a show!!! This is the show
They are 2 of the funniest people in the world!! I loved the show "Whose line is it anyway?" when it came out in England and i was living there. Then the American version came out and i loved that too. Now i get to see it live!!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Enjoy your weekend friends!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Enjoying the now!

Often on a weight loss journey it is hard to remember why you are doing it. Well thinking back to when i began in 2007 i desperately wanted to be there for my daughters. They were 5 and 7 at the time. They were so full of energy and life and i could barely move.
Denial is huge when your 440LBS. You pretend your problems are not as big as they really are. But raising, playing with and walking my daughters down the isle to get married was not easy to ignore the fact my chances for doing this were getting very slim (no pun intended). The road ahead looked so daunting. I used food to cope with everything. Stress, happiness, sadness, anxiety, boredom and the list goes on and on. There was no way i could look ahead and say...OK i need to lose 200 pounds. I had to take it one day at a time.

Now 3 years later in between watching what i eat, making sure i get enough exercise and making sure i do not fall back in old habits its easy to forget why i did it all.

Well a few days ago i tool Emily out to go mountain biking again. I would have never been able to do this 3 years ago. I really don't know what it  means to her when we do things like this together and i probably never will. Secretly i am hoping as she grows up and becomes her own person and a grown up she will look back at rides like this fondly.

I took a few pictures to capture it. She loves loves loves to ride her bike.

Here we are riding across the bridge on the trail.

 Out in the woods
 This is downtown Manitowoc WI
 I always make her wear her helmet
 Out on the gravel pathway
 Speedy Emily
Another riding in the woods, This trail is about 6 miles long and she is only too happy to ride the whole thing.

It is so easy for me to get caught up in losing my next 5 pounds or working on placing in my age group in the text race. But this is what it is all about!

Love you Emily!!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Road ID, Alpacha Day and Boot Camp!

Road ID
I finally broke down and got myself a road ID. I have been thinking about this for a while. I was running the other day in the dark and cars just do not see you. There have been mornings on my bike also where i think about what would happen if i was hit. If i could not talk for myself i would want the ER people to see my id. I do have certain med conditions that they need to know about before treating me. I also wonder sometimes when i am running very hard in a race what would happen if i just passed out or i fell of my bike and went unconscious etc.
I got the higher grade one in Yellow that goes on my wrist. I liked that they automatically donate some of the money to a charity and you get to pick which one. Because of this i got a yellow one and donated to Livestrong.
If you want more info go to

Alpaca Day!
On a much less triathlon note i took my family over to Alpaca day! There is an Alpaca farm near my house and a few times a year they have an open house. Alpaca get a really bad rap. Unfortunately  people think they are just like Lamas. They think they are mean and spit and they are totally the opposite. They are extremely gentle and very shy. Emily had a great time feeding them. It is difficult to pet them as they are so shy. Your only chance is to pet them while you are hand feeding them.
In the USA they are farmed for there fleece which is 7x warmer and 3x stronger than wool (i might have those backwards). The store there had very cool gloves, hats, coats made from them. The fleece is not scratchy at all either.

Look at this crazy brown one i took a picture of. They were so gentle and Emily immediately wanted one as a pet. The owner said they do sell them as pets across the USA but we declined:)

They are not butchered for there meat which made me very happy to hear being a vegetarian.
Boot Camp
For lunchtimes at work some of  you may or may not know i do some crazy stuff. I have walked, lifted weights, Swam and even done some running on some of my 1 hour lunch breaks.
The new thing i have tried is lunchtime boot camp at my YMCA. This is super fun!
If you have never done it before this is how it typically goes. You start off by running or walking laps then they have all kinds of different exercises for you to do. They are always different to! Sometimes push ups, sit ups working with elastic ropes, medicine balls..just all kinds of things. Sometimes they make us run up and down the stairs but they keep you moving all the time. The 45 minutes go by so fast as you never get bored.
Also i like that they take us outside when the weather is still good. We will run over to a park and run hills, steps, use park equipment for routines, its just crazy and i like that about it.
They do it on Mon, Weds, and Friday.
Some people give up on exercise programs and working out because it gets boring. This sure is one way to shake it up. I am still doing my group rides and running. I have not been swimming much lately but i am starting to feel the swim itch too. I just got so burned out on swimming so much i have not done much lately.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Maywood Ride

UPDATE: Photos added.
So last Saturday was the May wood Ride in Sheboygan. I had intended on making this one 100 miler but there was a 70 mile option. The group i was riding with wanted to do the 70 miler.

I had been racing hard the last few weeks and i thought it would be nice to take this one slow and enjoy the rest stops. One of the ladies in our group waned to average about 15mph which is not to shabby for 70 miles.

As soon as we got there it started to thunder and lightning on us. It quickly passed but the road stayed very wet for the first hour of the ride. There was a mass start at 7.30 but we got going at 7.40am as this was not a timed event. This was much more of a tour than a race.

The hills were a little crazy! We were all glad we had picked the 70 mile route as there were huge hills. We stopped at every rest stop and i am sure i ate too many cookies. I got some photos on my other computer of this ride and i will get them up here as soon as i get a chance.UDATE: Photos have been Added

Not much time to work on the blog today. Have a fantastic weekend!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010



So after the amazing group ride performance by me last week on Thursday i decided to try the Monday night group ride. This is intermediate. I felt all powerful and was ready to rock it. However i got up the first hill and my HR was 180Bpm. I was breathing so hard my lungs and throat were actually hurting. I wonder if this is what they mean when they talk about VO2 max levels? I know you can train to increase your Vo2 max and maybe this is kind of what they mean. Anyway by mile 6 i was being dropped something crazy!! By mile 9 the group was gone! I was doing 22mph and i am pretty sure they were doing 25 mph. No way i was going to keep up that pace for 28miles. So with my tail between my legs i rode back to the starting point and went home. Ah well. It was a good test. I think as i reach my goal weight this will help me be much faster and able to keep up.

Its getting cool in Wisconsin. Most of my morning ride to work have been in the below 40-45F already. On the way home i am hitting 58F.I like the cool ride home but the early ride is getting hard now. I have a hard time enjoying that temp as i am either too cold or too hot. Really good weather to run in though. I been doing early 4.30am run or either 40min to 1 hour depending on the day. Been running through Graveyards for extra spooky factor, thanks to Ransick for the suggestion. You can find Ransicks blog here :

This time of year gives me  headaches too. I suffer from Migraines since i have been 8. I have been brain scanned and everything so don't worry. The only medicine i find that helps is Excedrin Migraine and i keep it everywhere in case of an emergency. It's in my cars, office desk, kitchen, travel bag, back pack and even in my kit on my bike!

Enjoy life,
I was thinking again on Sunday while doing yard work that you should try and enjoy as much in life as possible. I really wanted to go mountain biking on Sunday but had a mountain of yard work to do instead. This gets to me but i try and enjoy what i am doing. This is kind of a Zen thing. So i am stuck doing yard work no matter what, why hate it the whole time that your doing it? You have to do it anyway. So what i try and do is interact with it. I make myself enjoy it. It sounds weird but i have learned it is like a dance. When your doing a choir do just the choir. Do not put your mind somewhere else. Your body is an amazing thing when it interacts with the world around it. Its like dancing, you can dance with the yard work, dance with the dishes or whatever your doing. Not literally dancing but feel your body move with what your doing and enjoy that movement. I learned this from Bret at

Thanks to everyone at work i collected $75 in pledges for my first Century ride this Saturday in Sheyboygan. So i am all set to do my first 100 miles. I did 90 before so this is going to be interesting. Unusually i have 4 friends at my YMCA that are also going to be doing it so i wont have to go alone. I will be sure to take many pictures and give you a blog on it. Here is the link:

If it is hot weather where you are enjoy it!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

A time to remember

I spent time this weekend thinking about the events of 9/11. I don't think at the time it all happened i really understood what a huge deal it was. It seems to fade a little more and more in our memories each year so i made sure i spent some time remembering this weekend. I watched some specials on History channel on it and dedicated my run to it. I ran 9.11 miles and kept my pace as close to 9.11 min/miles as i could which is hard for me, but i figure their families went through way more than that. This was an idea given to me by Kelownagurl. You can follow her blog here:

There is some controversy about Islam followers building something there right now but i wanted not to focus on that and remember those that lost their lives that day.

Watching some of the footage from that days events i saw the look on the Firemen faces as they were looking up at both towers on fire and the despair on there faces as they carried a hose probably thinking 'how are we going to fight that?'. Just as everyone was running away they were heading in to rescue people. Many of them never came out.

Also there is a hotel at the bottom of the two towers a Marriott that got 80% flattened. I didn't know about that building. Approx 40 people lost their lives in that hotel.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Group Ride.

Yesterday was group ride. In the past the group has dropped me at the last 10 miles or so. Once they are confident knowing i know my may back i get dropped.

I am pretty slow but we keep about 20mph average pace and i just have trouble holding on on the hills.
Yesterday went much better. I don't know if it is because i have been riding to work or if it is pushing myself much harder when running lately.

So here are the highlights

  • Stayed with the group for the first 15 miles, really pushed up the hills hard and fast
  • Enjoyed the cooler weather (62F) and enjoyed the ride but stayed focused keeping with the group even when it hurt
  • Kept a close eye on my HR knowing it was OK to keep it at 130-140HR for 10-15 min stretches
  • Had been riding my mountain bike hard all week so the road bike felt super fast
  • Didn't chat too much with riders as i really had to focus
With 15 miles left i pushed hard and broke away! i wanted to get ahead as i figured they would catch me on hills. When i hit the biggie hills i powered up them fast, knowing the quicker i went up the quicker it would level out.

I looked back and i stayed way ahead! With about 3 miles to go they managed to reel me back in but i was fine with that. I stayed in the pelton the rest of the way.

Now don't get me wrong. For them it is a recovery ride and an easy day staying at 23mph. For me its all challenge.I sweat, i huff and puff but i kept up!

Oh i forgot to post August numbers:

August's totals:

Bike: 23h 35m - 389 Mi

Run: 11h 25m - 58.38 Mi

Swim: 2h 50m - 5950 Yd

Strength: 1h 25m

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am losing it

I purchased the above picture from race the lake as they were having a sale!. Its normally $25 for a digital image. Yes a printed is way cheaper but i can send this off to Walgreen's and do anything i want with it. Of course they had a labor dale sale and i got it for $20. I feel bad about spending that now. I still feel VERY weird about buying my own picture but figure i can put it up somewhere in my office for inspiration.

I am totally messed up this week because of Labor day (or Labour day as we Brits would say). First i missed my Weight Watcher weigh in on Tuesday as i thought it was on Wednesday and Wednesday was Tuesday etc.... so messed up.

Then today...I have group ride after work and i forget my pump allot. I am anal about air pressure in my tires and like to have it right at 125PSIG before i ride. SO i made extra sure i had it packed this morning. Got halfway to work and realised i forgot my bike! OMLG! (Oh my Lady GaGa) My wife called me as i left but i had my Black Berry still on silent.

Lets hope nothing else happens

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Mountain biking

Amid other duties to get m house ready for fall and winter (fall is very short in Wisconsin) i did manage to get some trail riding in this weekend. I am very lucky to live so close to some really nice trails that take you out to a beach with a light house on them. After spending way too much time on the roof this weekend i sneaked away for some time in the saddle! I took my camera along with me after finding it in my other bag to i could take some pictures for you all to see.

This is the river i have to cross to get out of my neighbourhood and make it the mere 3 miles to the trail. I took some action pictures this time as i was riding. Made sure it was very safe to do this so don't fear for me.

Hers next is some pictures of the trail:

I really like this shoot. You can see the fence they made but you also get a feel for the speed i am moving at. You can see this is an easy 2 wide trail and you can go fast on it. Just look out for hikers.

This is more of the single track trail that is a bit more challenging.

Over one of the many bridges on the trail.

This is a short part that comes out of the woods for a short section.

This is a short of my MP3 player i use on bike paths (not in traffic) it is so small i found the best place is to clip it on my shorts.

Here is me in a bright shirt! It is a good idea to wear something bright so the hikers see you coming.

At the end of the trail is a beach and you can see allot of people getting there fun on.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sat Triathlon YMCA

Sorry i had lost my camera fir a few days and have no pictures from this event! I have been running like crazy all week too. My Wife started college and my girls are going back to school next week so i have not got to do a race report until now much less a Podcast!

I have to tell you about the Sprint i did though!

This one is the most local Triathlon to me. It is at my local YMCA that i use a heck of alot in the winter and not so much in the summer.

The start time was 7am so i wanted to get there at 6am to i could talk to some friends i may see there. My 10yr old daughter Emily came with me to this one and i think this is the first time this year a family member came with me to a race. I was excited to have her there and she could play in the Y while on was out the course.

I set up my stuff and chatted with some friends. I had had a huge battle in my head the last two weeks about using a wetsuit for this one. The problem is i do not have one right now. I had rented for 2 triathlons earlier in the year but because i rented a special size 2XU from wetsuit rentals they said i could not buy it from them as it was made just for them. I didn't want to buy a suit this late in the season as i am hoping it would be to big by next year.
Anyway....i used my 2XU tri suit and went down to the water. It was 68F which felt cold to me after using my wet suit alot this year but it was manageable. I was in the second wave as i had entered a few weeks before.
I didn't eat anything before the race as i know what my stomach is like now! I did pack a GU gel in the bike and some water.
Temps today were going to be 65-75F sunny and no wind. Perfect!

Swim 7:22 (1/4 Mile)
Time to go...i set off with Emily cheering me (that was really nice to have!) and got my swim on. I sighted well and draughted a bit. A pretty uneventful swim but i was glad i didn't buy a wet suit. I remember getting out the water and thinking..that's sad this is probably my last Triathlon this year. I had a swim time of 7:22. Fairly quick but nothing to crazy. Some of the winners were at 4 mins!

T1 2:27
No wetsuit to take off this time so it was just swim cap, goggles. I did put socks on which i had put a bunch of talc powder in before hand so my feet would slip into very easily. Put on my cycle shoes (three straps) and ran out with my bike and helmet on.
I need to start learning to leave bike shoes on the pedals and ride on top of them with no socks. I think that could shave off 45-60 seconds here.

Bike 48:57 (16 mile)
I went all out and didn't hold back for the run. My HR was in 140-150 range and i kept it there. There were a good amount of hills and i averaged over 19mph. One or 2 people overtook me at the start but i reeled them back in. I LOVE sprints now. It is grit your teeth and get it done. I read a quote from Eddie Mercx i think 'it does not get easier you just get faster' This is SO true!!! I work just as hard as i used to i just go faster. If your new in Triathlons or biking hang in there the speed will come (not that i am that fast!)
My group rides really helped me with the speed here. I am nearly always at the back gritting my teeth to keep up while the rest of the group cruises along but it makes you so much stronger.
Halfway through the bike i sucked down a GU Gel and some water. I did this tri 2 years ago and i was overtaken alot. Sure was nice to be the one overtaking! I loved being in the second wave as well as i could see everyone coming at the turnaround. I used the whole road on my cornering to keep my speed up.

T2 - 0:53
Came to the dismount area. Stopped, unclipped and ran my bike in. Threw my bike shoes/helmet off and running shoes on. Socks were already on. Again learning to unstrap and pedal on top of my shoes would speed things up here up maybe 10-15 seconds. Plus jumping off and running is something i need to learn and practice.

Run 26:22 (5k)
Started out in about the 130Hr zone to get moving. Had no shaky legs. I am really used to coming off the bike now. at 1k after i felt ok i speed up a little. I started to get caught by the people i had passed on the bike as i am a slow runner. I hit the turnaround point and got a huge smile on my face. I always know if i smile even if i don't feel like it i will speed up after a while and enjoy myself. Sure enough my stride lengthened. I put into practice all i have learned about leaning forward slightly, taking longer strides but keeping a fast cadence and running off my toes making sure i was not landing on my heels. Only about 5 people over took me. I had a fast (for me) 5k. I seem to do well with my 5k time after a bike now. I finished strong and found my daughter.

Now here is some controversial stuff.

I had entered Clydesdale division and did not hang around to see if i placed as i assumed i would not as normal. I went home. I found out online that my total time was 1hr 25:59.
This was good enough for first place!! First time i have EVER placed. 1st out of 10 Clydesdale's. And 15 seconds over 2nd place!
To my horror i found out they had entered me into the men 35-39 age group!! aghhhhhhhh!. I came 8th out of 16 in that one. I did send an email to them but i know there is probably nothing they can do.
I am still considering it a win. IS this wrong? I am not sure. Clydesdale division is men over 200 pounds. i am about 226 right now. All the men in 35-39 are 140-180 lean mean speed crazy men. I feel kind of weird about saying i won my division but i did win the division i entered. I will let you know if the organization changes it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Race The Lake - Fond du Lac Wisconsin

So i did 2 races this weekend but i am going to report on Sundays first as it was a biggie! I was nervous about this one as i have never gone more than 56 miles before and this one was 93. It is a race to and not a tour. It is timed and there is a Pro Group.
The winner get $20,000! plus another $5000 is on hand for "King of the Hill". On Sat i had done a local 5 mile run race and then spent most of the afternoon on yard work.
I had just bought a shinny new weed eater and i clipped a stone that went right though the back window of my car! Ahhhhh!

The race had a 5.50am start time and it follows all the way around Lake Winnebago which is amazing scenery. It is the biggest lake in Wisconsin. Here is a picture of it below with the arrow pointing to it.

Because of the 5.50am start time and the start being 1 hour 10 mins away from my house i had to get up at 2.30am ouch. I headed over there and found the car park at about 5.20am. Got my packet and bike setup in the dark. I must remember to bring a flashlight or flood light in the future. Last year i did a Triathlon in Novemeber in Florida and it was pitch black on set up but had a flashlight and it helped alot.

The event was very well organized. One of THE best i have been to all year. There was an amazing amount of volunteers. I would say second to IM Wiscosin this is the best in Wisconsin.

We lined up and i was in wave 4 of 5 waves. I love bike race starts! so much more civalized than a Tri start or a run race start. Here is a start pic from my phone

The weather was perfect. About 65F and no wind. Temp were meant to reach 80f that day. We all set off and i kept in a pelton at bout my pace of 20-21 mph. The first 45 miles were very flat and smooth. I was having a great time and everyone loved my Tux!

At mile 17 a train had to cross so were help up for about 6 minutes. Alot of the men took this oppertunity to get off there bikes and pee. I just got off and took a quick rest. Here is the train:

I skipped all the awesome rest stops unit halfway at mile 45. I took 10 mins here to eat a PB and J sandwich and refuel. I sat down for a min and rubbed some Biofreeze on my legs to get rid of any soreness. It worked really well. Here is a picture of the rest stop

The last half the field spread out and i rode harder. A guy asked me if i minded him drafting as he was cramping. I said no and i gave him some salt pills as we rode which he said really helped.
I did not really get tired untill about the 70 mile mark. But i had no soreness and no cramping.

It was such  an amazing ride! I guess the perfect weather helped. If you are ever near Wisconsin and looking to do just 1 race this is the one! You will not be dissapointed.

Next year i may drop the 2 rest stops but i just had so much fun!
Here is a picture near the finish line.