Friday, February 5, 2010

Jeans Day

So glad it is Friday! Yesterday i had a PERFECT diet day! I had to keep focused. I feel myself feeling sorry for myself sometimes when i am watching what i eat and thats not good. Instead of the 'woe is me' i need to have the 'wow this is super good for me' type thinking

I have been re focusing my brain all the time lately. It wonders off and i have to bring it back to look at the long term goal.

Right now i am using SlimFast for breakfast and lunch and a healthy meal in the evening. Of course it has only been 2 days and i a fully expecting the point where i start to lose zest to keep it up but i will work through that.

Training wise i cycled last night and swam. Today is meant to be my rest day but i have to drive all day on Sunday so i switched it out to Sunday being my rest day.
Yes i am away for work again the whole of next week. So my schedule is going to get broken up again.

The place i am going is a 9 hour drive. If i fly it will be at least 7 hours with airports and thats IF there are no delays. I have got delayed every time this year so i am renting a car. Hmmmm That also means i could throw my bike in the back!

Photo: The best tasting cappacino i found that is ONLY 30 calories for a small cup. Cant beat that!

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