Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello Monday

Weekend is over :( I had a killer two days training. Saturday i did a double spin class (hardcore) for a total of 2 hours on the bike. It makes a great way to start the weekend. I have to say that as hard as that was it still does not compare to the endurance needed to go to JC Pennys and Walmart and spend 2-3 hours looking for swim suits for two little girls!
Sunday i had a huge swim for me anyway. I woke up Monday and my shoulders are sore from it. Today i have something call 'Hill Repeats' on the bike..hmmmm does not sound like fun!
As far as weight watchers is going it is day 6 for me. Still doing ok and i dont find i am to hungry. I picked up some daily vitamins today to make sure i am getting everything i need.
I lost a ton of audio somehow on my podcast. I haste when that happens. I sent the episode 20 out anyway it just came up a little short.

I am doing well at the fitness challenge at the YMCA. I posted the picture on my blog but i do not think you can see it very well. I am in third place with 1010 miles. There are two familys in front of me. I am in first place individually but i want to catch those families,

Still have the sore throat in the mornings so i am putting off my trainer ride until tonight. I am super excited about me weigh in tomorrow. Get back here to see how i did!!!

Totals For Feb:

285miles Biked
52.59miles Ran
19225 Meters Swam

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