Thursday, January 7, 2010

Well i think my Podcast is uploading again finally. I went through everything i could do to get it back online and the good folks at Podbean got me going again.

A little sad this weekend because i am meant to be running the Disney Marathon in Orlando. I booked it when i lived in Florida but since then i lost my job down there and moved back to my old job in Wisconsin.

There is not really a way for me to fly down there this weekend and get back in time for work on Monday. Ahhhh well.

I feel like i am letting myself down a bit and my listerners too. The only way for me to go would be to fly out Sat morning or Friday night by myself, run Sunday and then fly home Sunday night for work on Monday eeeeeek!

I do not know anyone else that is doing it so i would be totaly alone and i am not sure how my legs would feel afterwards getting back on a plane.

Well if anyone wants my entry that i just lost $150 on let me know:)


  1. Hey Jon,
    Sorry to hear about Disney. That must be an awesome race to do, but I am biased as I have a thing for Minny. I was really looking forward to your race report on that one :>} Chin up, you are not letting anybody down. This one was out of your control.
    Keep em coming,

  2. Yeah it was tuff missing Disney. I will bring you more race reports soon!