Monday, January 18, 2010

Spining Crazy

SO today was more spinning. Got to class early so i could go more miles and stayed late. I felt kind of weird about being the first one there and sweat dripping on the floor already when everyone else arrived. Then being the last one there because i needed an extra 10 mins after they were done.

If you never been spinning before GO! It is a super good workout and you will push yourself way more in a class than you ever would on your own.

The bike we have are fantastic too. They work with my heart rate monitor so you can see your heart rate readout on the screen instead of having to look at my watch. I use SPD clips on my shoes and you can clip in for extra work. But you can also do it in sneakers and you will not fell out of place. Normally it is about 50/50 in sneakers and clip in shoes.

On Saturaday i got to ride out side!!! Woot! Went with two other guys for a trail ride. The trail however was way too snowy. So we eneded up just riding on the road. But it felt Fantastic to get outside!

Here is some pics of my bike on my amazin Saris Bones Rack! I did not match my bike colour to my car colour on purpose either, but it makes me even more powerful

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