Wednesday, January 20, 2010

End of a Decade!

I didnt manage to get to the pool last night as one of my little girls had a nasty headache and i am Mr. Mum this week. Ah well. Tonight i hope.
My schedule is so way off this week as i have to get them on the Bus in the mornings.
I found some very interesting Triathlon Facts on the growing sport of Triathlon. from 2000-2010 triathlon has changed alot! Here are some of the ways:
  • The USAT staff consisted of 9 people in 1999, today they have 44 staff
  • Youth USAT membership was 19,060 in 1999 now it is 132,000
  • The shoe market now targets special triathlon racing flats while bike shoes are geared towards faster technologies (one velcro strap versus the traditional three)
  • Races now sell out. In 1999, very few even wanted to limit entries.
  • While Triathlon and duathlon contine to succeed, winter traithlon, aquathlon and aquabike all are seeing significant gains in popularity
  • The number of compaines that sells goods realated directly to multisport is tenfold greater than it was in 1999.

Thats it so far today!