Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I finaly did it!!

WOW!! After much nervousness i finally did a lunch time run!!! I was very afraid to walk through the factory in a running shirt, tracksuit pants and sneakers but i did it any way.

I had 50min lunch break. I got changed at my locker got outside after a few funny looks walking through the factory then started to run!

It was about 31F and sunny with some wind. I ran non stop for 20mins with a HR of around 130-140 then walked 1 min and ran back 20 mins.

I walked through the factory. Went to my locker. Took a 2 min shower dressed and was back at my desk and in 55mins!!!

I got in 4.1 miles total which is about 700 calories burned on me:)
Hopefully i will be swiming tonight. You can see my Nu Dolphin underwater Mp3 that i love and keeps my swim laps from killing me of boredom

Face the fear and get outside your comfort zone.

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