Monday, January 11, 2010

Ahhhh Back to work.
This picture has me missing my moutain bike is this super cold snowy weather.

Well the weekend is over and it was another crazy one. I did not workout on Saturaday as planned but spent some time with the family. I can not say it was quailty time but it was time. I need to work on the quality part :).

Had some major FOMO (fear of missing out) as i could not make it to the Disney Marathon i was entered in to in Disney.

Managed to get the podcast out with minor difficulties.

Got my office a little more organized this morning so i can be more productive with work things. I am on a mission to get my bike ride in today. Not sure if it is going to be at home on the trainer or at the YMCA in a spin class.

I was listerning to BBC Radio 1 this morning and they talked about exersise program on VINAL RECORDS!!! OMG! This was in a time before DVD's before VHS. You could buy a program to workout to on Record! I remember my Mum had one of these. She had a Jane Fonda workout record she used to do.

How crazy is that. You sure could not do any jumping jacks as the record would skip!

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