Monday, January 25, 2010

Travel Day and more

Yes today is a travel day for me and my job. But first a run down of the weekend.
Saturday started out great! I went long for a double spin class with some extra cycling for 2 hours total and about 43 miles. Then went straight over to the treadmill after changing some clothes super quick and put in a 30 min run which was about 30 mins. This is called a Brick in super cool Triathlon World.
My goal here was to keep my heart rate above 120 bpm for 2.5hrs to get myself used to Half Iron man lengths.
It went good and i woke up on Sunday with no aches like i sometimes do when i go long. I got all this done and got home by 10.30am to be with my family.
My beautiful Bride and i saw the movie 'The Book Of Eli' which i really liked but she say i owe her at least 3 chick flicks for that one.

Sunday i did not go to the gym but ran around Green Bay all morning going to Church and getting my haircut.

This morning i had to head to the airport by 8am. So i put my long run in at 5am at the YMCA. 1.5hrs on the treadmill got me to about 8.2 miles. Not too shabby.

Then i got to the airport and my first flight was on time. As soon as i checked the board in Detroit my next flight had a big red CANCELED on it. Dang it. SO here i am. Waiting for a few more hours till the next one.

I was on schedule to be in Philly by 3pm and to my hotel in Atlantic City by 6pm.
Not any more. I am sure i wont be at the hotel till 8 or 9pm so its a good thing i rocked the treadmill this morning.

Travel On.

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