Friday, January 22, 2010

Shake off an feelings of not eating right yesterday or the weight you gained over Christmas holding you back.

Sometimes I have a problem thinking of my self as athletic, I am over weight still and i feel that it holds me back from go faster on my bike or letting me run faster. I AM working on it but i fail sometimes. I am not always 100% perfect (can you believe that?) Shake off those feelings. THey really do not mean much.

I remember running when i was 390LBS and 15 mins of non stop running was a killer. Maybe thats where your at but it does not mean you are any LESS of an athlete than some that is 150LBS and can run for 2 hours! Keep at it. You will be fine.

90% of what you worry might happen will never happen! Think about that. What a lot of time wasted! Be in the moment. Right now is what counts. YOu can not change the past..all you can change is right now!

Hang in there in the hard times, you will make it.


  1. Thats why we race, we only really race against ourselves, to prove we can beat our self doubt and hurdles, we are atheltes once you cross the finishline

  2. Nice ;) Sometimes I struggle with whether or not I can call myself a triathlete. Do you have to do an ironman, or a dozen sprints? What's the threshold?? True it's not productive, but it's good to know we all have thoughts like this.