Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rest Day and back to the bike

Well yesterday i forced myself to rest for the whole day (apart from work of course). My body felt pretty banged up. I was dying to get on the trainer when i got home from work but i forced myself not to.

THis morning i made it to the YMCA for the spin class. But i needed a long ride. THe class starts at 5.30 and goes for an hour. I managed to get on a bike by 5.05am and stayed there until 6.40 making sure i kept my heart rate above 120 the whole time.

My new POlar R100 is working out great!

I remember a year HATING heart rate training but now i am getting into it. It is set so it beeps at below 120bpm and i HATE hearing those beeps so it kept me going.

MY new running shoes are working great and my new Nathans shoe pod for my nike plus system is working awesome.

I STILL can not get my podcast to upload:( Pod bean sent me a few things to try but i dont hold out much hope.

1 comment:

  1. Miss the podcast, hope to see a new one soon :) No pressure though!
    So did you decide on a 1/2 IM?
    I love my HRM too, but right now most of my training is nagging about keeping it below a certain amount :(