Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get out for Lunch

So lately i have been walking on my 50 min lunch break. I dont live close enough to go home for lunch so i just sit at my desk or go shopping (not good). I am getting back into lunch time walking.
The temp was 32F today but a bit windy. My goal is to go for a run at lunch times and i am getting closer. I have a locker and there is a shower here i can use. So a 35-45 min may be possible.
Of course people here think i am crazy. But you have to get used to that if your going to be good to your body. I hear all the excuses all the time. Oh i will get all sweaty. Actually if its 30f you really dont get to sweaty. IF you got no shower at wirk try a product called action wipes, or you could use baby wipes.
Just got out there and get some fresh air in your lungs people :) I take my Ipod touch and listerning to some music or a Podcast. This is an awesome way to break up your day at work.


  1. Enjoying the podcast and the blog! Please keep posting and podding ;-)

  2. I will try my to keep it up. Thanks for your positive input!