Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am losing it

I purchased the above picture from race the lake as they were having a sale!. Its normally $25 for a digital image. Yes a printed is way cheaper but i can send this off to Walgreen's and do anything i want with it. Of course they had a labor dale sale and i got it for $20. I feel bad about spending that now. I still feel VERY weird about buying my own picture but figure i can put it up somewhere in my office for inspiration.

I am totally messed up this week because of Labor day (or Labour day as we Brits would say). First i missed my Weight Watcher weigh in on Tuesday as i thought it was on Wednesday and Wednesday was Tuesday etc.... so messed up.

Then today...I have group ride after work and i forget my pump allot. I am anal about air pressure in my tires and like to have it right at 125PSIG before i ride. SO i made extra sure i had it packed this morning. Got halfway to work and realised i forgot my bike! OMLG! (Oh my Lady GaGa) My wife called me as i left but i had my Black Berry still on silent.

Lets hope nothing else happens

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