Friday, September 3, 2010

Sat Triathlon YMCA

Sorry i had lost my camera fir a few days and have no pictures from this event! I have been running like crazy all week too. My Wife started college and my girls are going back to school next week so i have not got to do a race report until now much less a Podcast!

I have to tell you about the Sprint i did though!

This one is the most local Triathlon to me. It is at my local YMCA that i use a heck of alot in the winter and not so much in the summer.

The start time was 7am so i wanted to get there at 6am to i could talk to some friends i may see there. My 10yr old daughter Emily came with me to this one and i think this is the first time this year a family member came with me to a race. I was excited to have her there and she could play in the Y while on was out the course.

I set up my stuff and chatted with some friends. I had had a huge battle in my head the last two weeks about using a wetsuit for this one. The problem is i do not have one right now. I had rented for 2 triathlons earlier in the year but because i rented a special size 2XU from wetsuit rentals they said i could not buy it from them as it was made just for them. I didn't want to buy a suit this late in the season as i am hoping it would be to big by next year.
Anyway....i used my 2XU tri suit and went down to the water. It was 68F which felt cold to me after using my wet suit alot this year but it was manageable. I was in the second wave as i had entered a few weeks before.
I didn't eat anything before the race as i know what my stomach is like now! I did pack a GU gel in the bike and some water.
Temps today were going to be 65-75F sunny and no wind. Perfect!

Swim 7:22 (1/4 Mile)
Time to go...i set off with Emily cheering me (that was really nice to have!) and got my swim on. I sighted well and draughted a bit. A pretty uneventful swim but i was glad i didn't buy a wet suit. I remember getting out the water and thinking..that's sad this is probably my last Triathlon this year. I had a swim time of 7:22. Fairly quick but nothing to crazy. Some of the winners were at 4 mins!

T1 2:27
No wetsuit to take off this time so it was just swim cap, goggles. I did put socks on which i had put a bunch of talc powder in before hand so my feet would slip into very easily. Put on my cycle shoes (three straps) and ran out with my bike and helmet on.
I need to start learning to leave bike shoes on the pedals and ride on top of them with no socks. I think that could shave off 45-60 seconds here.

Bike 48:57 (16 mile)
I went all out and didn't hold back for the run. My HR was in 140-150 range and i kept it there. There were a good amount of hills and i averaged over 19mph. One or 2 people overtook me at the start but i reeled them back in. I LOVE sprints now. It is grit your teeth and get it done. I read a quote from Eddie Mercx i think 'it does not get easier you just get faster' This is SO true!!! I work just as hard as i used to i just go faster. If your new in Triathlons or biking hang in there the speed will come (not that i am that fast!)
My group rides really helped me with the speed here. I am nearly always at the back gritting my teeth to keep up while the rest of the group cruises along but it makes you so much stronger.
Halfway through the bike i sucked down a GU Gel and some water. I did this tri 2 years ago and i was overtaken alot. Sure was nice to be the one overtaking! I loved being in the second wave as well as i could see everyone coming at the turnaround. I used the whole road on my cornering to keep my speed up.

T2 - 0:53
Came to the dismount area. Stopped, unclipped and ran my bike in. Threw my bike shoes/helmet off and running shoes on. Socks were already on. Again learning to unstrap and pedal on top of my shoes would speed things up here up maybe 10-15 seconds. Plus jumping off and running is something i need to learn and practice.

Run 26:22 (5k)
Started out in about the 130Hr zone to get moving. Had no shaky legs. I am really used to coming off the bike now. at 1k after i felt ok i speed up a little. I started to get caught by the people i had passed on the bike as i am a slow runner. I hit the turnaround point and got a huge smile on my face. I always know if i smile even if i don't feel like it i will speed up after a while and enjoy myself. Sure enough my stride lengthened. I put into practice all i have learned about leaning forward slightly, taking longer strides but keeping a fast cadence and running off my toes making sure i was not landing on my heels. Only about 5 people over took me. I had a fast (for me) 5k. I seem to do well with my 5k time after a bike now. I finished strong and found my daughter.

Now here is some controversial stuff.

I had entered Clydesdale division and did not hang around to see if i placed as i assumed i would not as normal. I went home. I found out online that my total time was 1hr 25:59.
This was good enough for first place!! First time i have EVER placed. 1st out of 10 Clydesdale's. And 15 seconds over 2nd place!
To my horror i found out they had entered me into the men 35-39 age group!! aghhhhhhhh!. I came 8th out of 16 in that one. I did send an email to them but i know there is probably nothing they can do.
I am still considering it a win. IS this wrong? I am not sure. Clydesdale division is men over 200 pounds. i am about 226 right now. All the men in 35-39 are 140-180 lean mean speed crazy men. I feel kind of weird about saying i won my division but i did win the division i entered. I will let you know if the organization changes it.

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