Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Race The Lake - Fond du Lac Wisconsin

So i did 2 races this weekend but i am going to report on Sundays first as it was a biggie! I was nervous about this one as i have never gone more than 56 miles before and this one was 93. It is a race to and not a tour. It is timed and there is a Pro Group.
The winner get $20,000! plus another $5000 is on hand for "King of the Hill". On Sat i had done a local 5 mile run race and then spent most of the afternoon on yard work.
I had just bought a shinny new weed eater and i clipped a stone that went right though the back window of my car! Ahhhhh!

The race had a 5.50am start time and it follows all the way around Lake Winnebago which is amazing scenery. It is the biggest lake in Wisconsin. Here is a picture of it below with the arrow pointing to it.

Because of the 5.50am start time and the start being 1 hour 10 mins away from my house i had to get up at 2.30am ouch. I headed over there and found the car park at about 5.20am. Got my packet and bike setup in the dark. I must remember to bring a flashlight or flood light in the future. Last year i did a Triathlon in Novemeber in Florida and it was pitch black on set up but had a flashlight and it helped alot.

The event was very well organized. One of THE best i have been to all year. There was an amazing amount of volunteers. I would say second to IM Wiscosin this is the best in Wisconsin.

We lined up and i was in wave 4 of 5 waves. I love bike race starts! so much more civalized than a Tri start or a run race start. Here is a start pic from my phone

The weather was perfect. About 65F and no wind. Temp were meant to reach 80f that day. We all set off and i kept in a pelton at bout my pace of 20-21 mph. The first 45 miles were very flat and smooth. I was having a great time and everyone loved my Tux!

At mile 17 a train had to cross so were help up for about 6 minutes. Alot of the men took this oppertunity to get off there bikes and pee. I just got off and took a quick rest. Here is the train:

I skipped all the awesome rest stops unit halfway at mile 45. I took 10 mins here to eat a PB and J sandwich and refuel. I sat down for a min and rubbed some Biofreeze on my legs to get rid of any soreness. It worked really well. Here is a picture of the rest stop

The last half the field spread out and i rode harder. A guy asked me if i minded him drafting as he was cramping. I said no and i gave him some salt pills as we rode which he said really helped.
I did not really get tired untill about the 70 mile mark. But i had no soreness and no cramping.

It was such  an amazing ride! I guess the perfect weather helped. If you are ever near Wisconsin and looking to do just 1 race this is the one! You will not be dissapointed.

Next year i may drop the 2 rest stops but i just had so much fun!
Here is a picture near the finish line.


  1. Nice work Jon, glad you had fun too! I was wondering how it went - thanks for blogging about it!

  2. Sounds like fun! I love the tux!

  3. Nice job Jon, riding a bike that far is no easy job but very rewarding. And I too like the jersey!

  4. thanks everyone! my kids love it when i wear that jersey. It actually helps too because it makes alot of spectators give you extra cheers.