Wednesday, September 15, 2010



So after the amazing group ride performance by me last week on Thursday i decided to try the Monday night group ride. This is intermediate. I felt all powerful and was ready to rock it. However i got up the first hill and my HR was 180Bpm. I was breathing so hard my lungs and throat were actually hurting. I wonder if this is what they mean when they talk about VO2 max levels? I know you can train to increase your Vo2 max and maybe this is kind of what they mean. Anyway by mile 6 i was being dropped something crazy!! By mile 9 the group was gone! I was doing 22mph and i am pretty sure they were doing 25 mph. No way i was going to keep up that pace for 28miles. So with my tail between my legs i rode back to the starting point and went home. Ah well. It was a good test. I think as i reach my goal weight this will help me be much faster and able to keep up.

Its getting cool in Wisconsin. Most of my morning ride to work have been in the below 40-45F already. On the way home i am hitting 58F.I like the cool ride home but the early ride is getting hard now. I have a hard time enjoying that temp as i am either too cold or too hot. Really good weather to run in though. I been doing early 4.30am run or either 40min to 1 hour depending on the day. Been running through Graveyards for extra spooky factor, thanks to Ransick for the suggestion. You can find Ransicks blog here :

This time of year gives me  headaches too. I suffer from Migraines since i have been 8. I have been brain scanned and everything so don't worry. The only medicine i find that helps is Excedrin Migraine and i keep it everywhere in case of an emergency. It's in my cars, office desk, kitchen, travel bag, back pack and even in my kit on my bike!

Enjoy life,
I was thinking again on Sunday while doing yard work that you should try and enjoy as much in life as possible. I really wanted to go mountain biking on Sunday but had a mountain of yard work to do instead. This gets to me but i try and enjoy what i am doing. This is kind of a Zen thing. So i am stuck doing yard work no matter what, why hate it the whole time that your doing it? You have to do it anyway. So what i try and do is interact with it. I make myself enjoy it. It sounds weird but i have learned it is like a dance. When your doing a choir do just the choir. Do not put your mind somewhere else. Your body is an amazing thing when it interacts with the world around it. Its like dancing, you can dance with the yard work, dance with the dishes or whatever your doing. Not literally dancing but feel your body move with what your doing and enjoy that movement. I learned this from Bret at

Thanks to everyone at work i collected $75 in pledges for my first Century ride this Saturday in Sheyboygan. So i am all set to do my first 100 miles. I did 90 before so this is going to be interesting. Unusually i have 4 friends at my YMCA that are also going to be doing it so i wont have to go alone. I will be sure to take many pictures and give you a blog on it. Here is the link:

If it is hot weather where you are enjoy it!!!!

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  1. Your weight loss is terrific! Good for you, trying to keep up with the fast ride. Keep at it and you'll be rewarded, but you know that already!