Monday, September 13, 2010

A time to remember

I spent time this weekend thinking about the events of 9/11. I don't think at the time it all happened i really understood what a huge deal it was. It seems to fade a little more and more in our memories each year so i made sure i spent some time remembering this weekend. I watched some specials on History channel on it and dedicated my run to it. I ran 9.11 miles and kept my pace as close to 9.11 min/miles as i could which is hard for me, but i figure their families went through way more than that. This was an idea given to me by Kelownagurl. You can follow her blog here:

There is some controversy about Islam followers building something there right now but i wanted not to focus on that and remember those that lost their lives that day.

Watching some of the footage from that days events i saw the look on the Firemen faces as they were looking up at both towers on fire and the despair on there faces as they carried a hose probably thinking 'how are we going to fight that?'. Just as everyone was running away they were heading in to rescue people. Many of them never came out.

Also there is a hotel at the bottom of the two towers a Marriott that got 80% flattened. I didn't know about that building. Approx 40 people lost their lives in that hotel.

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