Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Mountain biking

Amid other duties to get m house ready for fall and winter (fall is very short in Wisconsin) i did manage to get some trail riding in this weekend. I am very lucky to live so close to some really nice trails that take you out to a beach with a light house on them. After spending way too much time on the roof this weekend i sneaked away for some time in the saddle! I took my camera along with me after finding it in my other bag to i could take some pictures for you all to see.

This is the river i have to cross to get out of my neighbourhood and make it the mere 3 miles to the trail. I took some action pictures this time as i was riding. Made sure it was very safe to do this so don't fear for me.

Hers next is some pictures of the trail:

I really like this shoot. You can see the fence they made but you also get a feel for the speed i am moving at. You can see this is an easy 2 wide trail and you can go fast on it. Just look out for hikers.

This is more of the single track trail that is a bit more challenging.

Over one of the many bridges on the trail.

This is a short part that comes out of the woods for a short section.

This is a short of my MP3 player i use on bike paths (not in traffic) it is so small i found the best place is to clip it on my shorts.

Here is me in a bright shirt! It is a good idea to wear something bright so the hikers see you coming.

At the end of the trail is a beach and you can see allot of people getting there fun on.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

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