Friday, September 10, 2010

Group Ride.

Yesterday was group ride. In the past the group has dropped me at the last 10 miles or so. Once they are confident knowing i know my may back i get dropped.

I am pretty slow but we keep about 20mph average pace and i just have trouble holding on on the hills.
Yesterday went much better. I don't know if it is because i have been riding to work or if it is pushing myself much harder when running lately.

So here are the highlights

  • Stayed with the group for the first 15 miles, really pushed up the hills hard and fast
  • Enjoyed the cooler weather (62F) and enjoyed the ride but stayed focused keeping with the group even when it hurt
  • Kept a close eye on my HR knowing it was OK to keep it at 130-140HR for 10-15 min stretches
  • Had been riding my mountain bike hard all week so the road bike felt super fast
  • Didn't chat too much with riders as i really had to focus
With 15 miles left i pushed hard and broke away! i wanted to get ahead as i figured they would catch me on hills. When i hit the biggie hills i powered up them fast, knowing the quicker i went up the quicker it would level out.

I looked back and i stayed way ahead! With about 3 miles to go they managed to reel me back in but i was fine with that. I stayed in the pelton the rest of the way.

Now don't get me wrong. For them it is a recovery ride and an easy day staying at 23mph. For me its all challenge.I sweat, i huff and puff but i kept up!

Oh i forgot to post August numbers:

August's totals:

Bike: 23h 35m - 389 Mi

Run: 11h 25m - 58.38 Mi

Swim: 2h 50m - 5950 Yd

Strength: 1h 25m

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