Friday, December 10, 2010

Turkey Trot

So....thanksgiving day i ran the festival turkey trot. You could do rhe 5 mile or the 2 mile. I picked the 5 mile of course!
It had been a while since i had ran this distance as my heel problems had finally gone andd i felt i could could complete this one. It was local event only about 10 miles from my house.
I got there early because i had work to do!! I had to leaflet (put leaflets on cars) for a company i do work for sometimes advertising an upcoming 15 and 5k. It was raining just slightly and the temp was about 28F. Cold but not too bad for this time in Wisconsin. I decided against putting leaflets on car windows and stood outside the entrance just handing out my fliers. I prefer this method as i find people do not like finding them on windscreens.

So check in was indoors in a high school gym. Good idea in this cold. A lady was paniced though as she had bought her dog to the 2 mile walk and she could not go in to regisiter. She asked me if i could go in for her and pick up her 3 friends packets too. I told her there is no way i am going to remeber all there names. Her dog was so cute i told her i would stay with her dog while she ran in. It was a sweet lab and it stuck to my leg to keep warm as it awaited its owners return. she was gone for about 20 mins as it was by now a long line to check in.

Anyone on to the run....

As you can see it looks pretty chilly at the start. My plan was to go slower than my fast 5k pace and to keep my HR around 130 -140. I managed that ok. I did start to feel sick at a few points so i backed off.

I came in at 42 mins. Not bad for me. Overall the race was awesome and i had a great time.

On a very sad note......i ran close to a  friend of mine called Amy. She beat me by 1 second! Of course i was going flat out and she was coasting. She works at the same place i do and most mornings i see her. Well 1 week after this race she she was hit in a car accident and died. Her picture is below she is the one in the middle.