Thursday, September 30, 2010

Road ID, Alpacha Day and Boot Camp!

Road ID
I finally broke down and got myself a road ID. I have been thinking about this for a while. I was running the other day in the dark and cars just do not see you. There have been mornings on my bike also where i think about what would happen if i was hit. If i could not talk for myself i would want the ER people to see my id. I do have certain med conditions that they need to know about before treating me. I also wonder sometimes when i am running very hard in a race what would happen if i just passed out or i fell of my bike and went unconscious etc.
I got the higher grade one in Yellow that goes on my wrist. I liked that they automatically donate some of the money to a charity and you get to pick which one. Because of this i got a yellow one and donated to Livestrong.
If you want more info go to

Alpaca Day!
On a much less triathlon note i took my family over to Alpaca day! There is an Alpaca farm near my house and a few times a year they have an open house. Alpaca get a really bad rap. Unfortunately  people think they are just like Lamas. They think they are mean and spit and they are totally the opposite. They are extremely gentle and very shy. Emily had a great time feeding them. It is difficult to pet them as they are so shy. Your only chance is to pet them while you are hand feeding them.
In the USA they are farmed for there fleece which is 7x warmer and 3x stronger than wool (i might have those backwards). The store there had very cool gloves, hats, coats made from them. The fleece is not scratchy at all either.

Look at this crazy brown one i took a picture of. They were so gentle and Emily immediately wanted one as a pet. The owner said they do sell them as pets across the USA but we declined:)

They are not butchered for there meat which made me very happy to hear being a vegetarian.
Boot Camp
For lunchtimes at work some of  you may or may not know i do some crazy stuff. I have walked, lifted weights, Swam and even done some running on some of my 1 hour lunch breaks.
The new thing i have tried is lunchtime boot camp at my YMCA. This is super fun!
If you have never done it before this is how it typically goes. You start off by running or walking laps then they have all kinds of different exercises for you to do. They are always different to! Sometimes push ups, sit ups working with elastic ropes, medicine balls..just all kinds of things. Sometimes they make us run up and down the stairs but they keep you moving all the time. The 45 minutes go by so fast as you never get bored.
Also i like that they take us outside when the weather is still good. We will run over to a park and run hills, steps, use park equipment for routines, its just crazy and i like that about it.
They do it on Mon, Weds, and Friday.
Some people give up on exercise programs and working out because it gets boring. This sure is one way to shake it up. I am still doing my group rides and running. I have not been swimming much lately but i am starting to feel the swim itch too. I just got so burned out on swimming so much i have not done much lately.

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  1. You motivated me to get a road ID now.....been thinking about it for a while.