Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Candy

Ahhhh it is that time of year again!
There is so much candy around and i have a weakness for Chocolate! I am just going to have to be super strong and remember how bad all that sugar is for me and all the headaches it gives me.
In England Halloween was not such a big deal as it is here. I even remember watching American TV shows as a teenager like Roseanne, they would have these big Halloween specials and it seemed Americans would go crazy at Halloween. It made no sense to me until i moved here. Again it seems that is a huge money maker for the industry to push their products on this time of year.
Now do not get me wrong, i love this time of year of brown leafs and cool temperatures it is just the amazing. It just the huge push to get my kids too eat unreal amount of sugar that gets too me.

Guinea pigs are not food!!
So last night i see my wife watching a show on the Travel Network where they are in a foreign country eating Guinea pigs! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, i had a g pig when i was little and i still love them! I stood there in shock as they ate them roasted and you could clearly see they were g pigs! It is still haunting me today. I understand they do eat weird things in other countries but please don't show it! You might think i am over reacting but i bet you wouldn't want to see them eat dogs or cats. Yet another reason i am vegetarian.

My foot hurts
Yep the bottom of my left foot hurts. I think i have an injury. It hurts to walk on it and running is out this week. I was meant to play Racquetball with a friend this week but had to cancel. I never played Racquetball but did play Squash in high school in England so hopefully i will have some kind of clue.
Instead of running i had to swim and do elliptical training. Lets hope it is better by the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day!

The pictures are of 2 goats that walked along a bridge one from each side. When they meet in the middle they could not go around each other or go backwards (i guess Goats can't go backwards) They were stuck there for 2 days before they were rescued. My farmer friend says they are male and female. I wonder what they were going to do up there! Poor lil goats!

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  1. I love Halloween candy too. It's going to be a high sugar week for me.