Friday, October 22, 2010

Green Bay Duathlon

Wow lots to catch up on! First my Green Bay Duathlon:

Got up at 4.30am and left at 5am to get there for 6am. Stopped to pick up some water but did not eat or drink before the race (i know better) Very foggy on the way up there. I had done a 4 mile running race the day before this race.

I saw my BT Buddy Jerry!!! Sweet! Dan from Heavy Pedal was here too.

I ran about 1 mile or for about 10 mins to make sure i was doing ok. I seemed ok. No stomach problems today

Here is Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay packers where the event starts and finishes.

Run 3 miles: 23:10
Came out fast for the first mile run.Slowed a little then fast for the third mile. I tried to catch a guy i knew was a bit faster than me. I didn't hold back. He just beat me in but anything less than a 8 min mile is crazy fast for me.
I really really need to lose 25 pounds. I could be so much faster!! If i can go 8min miles at 230LBS what could i do at 200 pounds?

T1 : 1:35
Still too scared to leave my shoes in the pedals. I need to work on this for next year.

16th out of 28. Winner was 47 seconds.
Also my quick release on my front wheel got stuck in someone elses spokes on the rack. Need to make sure that does not happen. Cost me about 10 seconds.
Practice leaving shoes in pedals. I was happy with how i did. Need Triathlon shoes (NEED lol)

Bike 33 miles 1 Hour 31:19, 21.68avg mph
I pushed hard here all the way. I was dead set to have an average speed of over 20mph. My normal is 18-19. I wanted to win the Cydesdale division so bad and i knew i had to get an average of over 20 as my running was slow. Only once or twice it dropped to 18mph on a hill. Alot of 23-24 mph on the flats. Still it was not fast enough.
I went all out crazy speed. 20 LBS less i hope to be faster!

T2: 1:23
Winner was 27 seconds. I could not get my arm warmers off as i couldn't catch my breath and focus. Felt like i was going to fall over putting on my shoes.

Did get my helmet unstrapped while running in.

Run 2: 1 mile  8:20
Ran as fast as i could. Saw my friend Jackie out there and that helped speed me up. I was so hoping to place in Cydesdale.

Got my print out results. 10th! :(. Aww well. Maybe next time. Winner was 1:51., 2nd 1:54 and third 1:58. So i was 8 mins from third place. How am i gona get there next year i wonder?

Total Time = 2h 05m 48s

Overall Rank = 132/570
Age Group = Clydesdale
Age Group Rank = 10/28

I wanted one of these:!


  1. Wow, GREAT Job! You are one fast dude for sure! So yeah, you're doing this at 230, just think, you'll in the 7s for running and faster on the bike too! Your times blow me away, that's awesome! Maybe check to see where you would have fallen in your age group too...just for kicks!

  2. Wow this is great feedback!!!! Thank you!!!
    I get so focused on what i should achieve and forget what i am getting. My wife says i get tunnel vision on my next goal instead of looking at the ones i have made. Thanks so much, your feed back really means alot to me!!!!!
    I am putting a new podcast episode together.