Friday, October 8, 2010

5 Levels of speech, Some fall biking

I have been thinking lately i need to get a little deeper in my blogs. Instead of producing just the facts i need to dig down and talk about how i feel about issues. Recently i head there were 5 levels of conversation.

1. Basic matter of fact - This would be talk about the weather, how the Packers are doing (very common around here) and just everyday stuff that does not really mean that much

2. Lets talk about a subject or someone - This goes a little deeper but can still be hit or miss about most things. This could be conversation about someone or something.

3 Energy and passion - This goes a little deeper still. This is when someone talks about something with energy or passion.

4. Production - This is when 2 people understand the subject and are 'making' something. Not completely into the conversation but are working together on the end result.

5. Deep Conversation - This is rare and this is the one i would like to get to more. I know in conversations with my wife i am guilty of not getting to this one enough. I need to do this more within my family.

So i will try and get my blog a little deeper. My English is terrible which is surprising being from England! Aw well.

This is going to be a crazy weekend. I got a 4 mile cross country race on Saturday morning which i am feeling good about. I did it 2 years ago and i still have my time for it. I can not wait to see if i improve any on it.
Then Amy's 9th birthday party. This is a Golden birthday for her too. I had no clue what a golden birthday was until i moved to Wisconsin. It turns out that if you were born on the 9th your 9th birthday is Golden. The 22nd then when you turn 22 it would be your Golden etc.

I took some pictures of my mountain bike ride and i have using an amazing app on my Blackberry which is totally free and it tracks by GPS your whole ride. At first i though it would be much good but it is amazingly accurate. You can also track walks and runs!! Here is the link and you can see exactly where i went.

I  highly recommend Endomondo for biking, walking and running. I found it to be very accurate. It did not loose signal in the woods either.

It is going to be a busy weekend. I have a 4 mile run race on Sat and on Sunday it is the Green Bay Duathlon. The weather is meant to be sunny and 70F all weekend which is unheard of here in Wisconsin so i am SUPER excited.

Also this weekend i am going to a show!!! This is the show
They are 2 of the funniest people in the world!! I loved the show "Whose line is it anyway?" when it came out in England and i was living there. Then the American version came out and i loved that too. Now i get to see it live!!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Enjoy your weekend friends!

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