Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Madness!!

So the weekend biggie was my 30 min swim, 2 hour bike ride and 30 min run. Got this done on Sunday. Not too bad. I have to admit i was super tempted just to go home after the bike.

I did the swim in the pool in my official 2XU tri suite which makes me feel like i can swim super fast! I got out just after 30 mins of a hard pace. Kept on the Tri suit. Slipped on a bike shirt and got my bike and took off. Was kind of windy and the first hour i was riding in to it. Then i felt pretty wiped out so i just decided to enjoy the rest of the ride and i felt way better. I am sure my time was slow but it was more about being in the saddle for 2 hours and then running afterwards.

The 30 min run at the end was slow and smooth. I think my pace was about 31 mins for a 5k on it.

The picture i captured was a sunny day with Fog rolling in off the lake at about 12.30pm

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