Friday, April 30, 2010

A New Running Level!!

YES i made it to Purple Level On Nike! That means i reached 1500 miles of running so far!! That a flippin long way!!! If you want to challenge me on there let me know
Last night i had a 2800 yrd swim that took me about 1 hr 15 mins. Some extra time was needed to get my Nu Dolphin MP3 player working as it has been acting a bit funny lately. But i got it done! Another long swim done! Today is a rest day!!! Phew!! I walked 30 mins at lunch time as i wanted to get out in the fresh air (Yes my office is completely window less)
Last night i deleted about 10 of my old Podcasts to make room for some new ones!!! Yaaay! So get ready.
I am going to have some serious FOMO on Sunday (Fear of Missing Out) because it is the Paper Discovery Duathlon that i have done for 2 years in a row and i am not in it this year. Also there is a mountain bike race series starting called WORS here in Wisconsin and i promised i wouldn't get involved in too much stuff because of family and financial this year. But i am dying to do it!!
Tonight we are meant to get Storms and are a Tornado Warning. Would of been fun to run in that actually. I quite like the idea of running in a storm.
Hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend.

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