Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday encouragement

Picture of some people pn my Sat. Group Ride!

WOW i got some new subscribers!!!!! Yes!!! Lots of thanks for being up to 21 now!!

Last week i was away all week in Atlanta in New Orleans! I had a good week apart from missing my family. I got some good exercise in too. To start with on Monday i ran 15 miles on the Chattahoochee River path! It was about 80f so i got some good heat training in. I carried a pack of Gu Gel and my new water bottle waist pack to try it out. It worked good and had very little bouncing, you can see it here just look for the triangle product.

I got some spinning in at two YMCA's i found on my travel and some swimming in as well. The YMCA in New Orleans had an outdoor pool so it was nice getting some sun! The Gu Gels are working out good right now you do have to take them with water. The Chocolate one is amazing!. I would prefer something a little more natural and i found this in Publix store in Atlanta. If only they had Publix in Wisconsin!

More Big news.

I have been 'flirting' with the idea of going Vegetarian or Vegan with quite a while now. I got the chance to sit down and do some research on all my flights last week. 1 week ago today i took the plunge and decided against eating meat or dairy products (Animal Products). This is very interesting the way peoplel react. I am very shy of telling anyone but i had to sit down and talk to my wife about it. She was VERY understanding. She cooks for myself and girls so it is a big impact on her. If you have questions about it i can direct you some places. The biggest problem is when people find out they kind of think your attacking them or looking down on them and i am not! It is totally your choice to eat meat and i completely respect that.
I did find i had a TON of energy this week and my mood was way up. I know its only the first week so i will let you know how it goes.

Bye for now!

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