Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Long workouts

So Saturday i had a 4 hour workout. It started out with me doing a 30min run outside the YMCA before they opened at 7am. I got there right at 7am and ran in and upstairs for the spin class as it was rainy and cold. I did the double spin class (1.5 hours) then headed back outside and ran for another 30mins. This is called a brick.

Then i did my swim workout which ended up being 1hr 15 mins. I was meant to do this on Sunday but they were closed Sunday for mothers day. SO all in all it was 4 hours keeping my heart rate 115-130. It was not too bad. On Sunday i had no pain in my legs so i recovered quick it seems.

Sunday i just did a 45min recovery walk.

Monday i slept in. I got to the pool at lunchtime for my 30min workout and rushed back to work. (JUST made it all in 55mins!) After i got home i did a 50 min bike ride outside followed by a 30min run. I made the first 2 miles a 120-130 HR and the last mile a 135-140 HR so i finished with a negative split woot!

Today is weigh in day! I am starting to feel a little faster and lighter on the bike and run but i got a long way to go yet :)

Picture is of a Tall building in New Orleans. I LOVE the city!!!

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