Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More loss

More news. Yes i lost another 4.2LBS last week!!! And that's with all the crazy Donuts, Pizza Popcorn etc that my office brought in all last week. So i was very surprised by it.

Workouts are going good. This morning i had a 2 hour run to complete and i wanted to experiment with fueling. I left the house at 4.50am. It was pretty light by 5am. I tried a GU Gel pack at the 1 hour point and it seemed fine. No upset stomach issues. It did have some caffeine in it. It was worth 2 points in WW though!

I been doing better about getting my food from Fruit and veggies (mostly fruit!)
My MP3 swim player finally died after 1-2 years so i am looking into options on getting a new one. Not looking forward to a 1 hour swim with no music.

Picture is from the beach i ran past this morning on my run.

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