Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Run to work day!

I did it!! Yep another thing accomplished that i set my sights on last year while cycling to work. I live just over 12 miles away from my office. Last year i started wondering if i could not only just bike to work but run to work to. This morning i left my house at 4.45am with money, some GU Gel packs and a little nervousness.

On Monday i had already set up my locker with work clothes and there is a shower there i can use that i hardly ever see anybody using. It was actually light at 4.45am already so i set out. The temp was about 60f so perfect. I carried my arm band pouch with the gels in it and a shoe pouch with some money.

At mile 3 i stopped at a gas station and bought some water i drank some and carried some with me. At the 1 hour mark i ate my first GU gel and drank some water with it. I was running alongside lake Michigan now. I ran past my YMCA and waived to my peeps in the spin class! It was good to be outside. At mile 10 i got more water and ate my second GU and drank the water with it.

I got to my office around 6:57am. Went and got my shower and was at my desk at 7.15am! I have to be here by 7.30am.

I had left some bananas at my desk yesterday for a post run snack. For Lunch i ordered a veggie sub from Jimmy Johns with delivery. My lovely wife is due to pick me up for the ride home. Sweet!

Tips and things i thought of:

  • Get things set up the day before. You do not want to be carrying keys to get in the office, shower gel, clothes etc.

  • Have food at your office. Plan lunch, you may have to order something for delivery.

  • Take your cell phone with you 'in case'

  • Bring money so you can buy water along the way rather than carrying it

  • I thought about 'hiding' water along the route the night before. This might be a good idea as the gas stations were busy in the morning.

  • Have you ride how ready

I am going to try and do this once a week. Maybe one day i will be able to make the run home to!

My Nike Plus said it was 13.8 miles but i think it was more like 12-13 miles. It took me 2 hours and 22mins.

The picture is of my new water bottle from Nathan's. I love there stuff.

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  1. Wow, great job running to work! I would like to think about biking to work, but would not get to daycare on time. Great job!