Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weigh in Day

Weigh in day at WW today! I lost 5.4 LBS !!! Sweet. This sounds like too much but i gained 1.8lbs the week before so i think it is just all averaging out. I am on a 1.6lbs a week average so i am OK with that.

I did shock them a little today though. They asked how much i lost total as i got my 10% medal thingie. I told them 29 LBS on Weight watchers and 210lbs total! :) That was a good one and very unlike me to talk about myself like that. There is allot of extra overweight people so i wanted them to know it is possible to lose a large amount.

Last night i was on a serious group bike ride. Just when i thought i was getting better the group puts the hammer down. It was way deeper into the pain cave than i wanted to go but very good for me! There were alot of times i got my heart rate into the 160BPM range and held it there for 5 mins. I had alot of motivation knowing if they dropped me i would be lost! On the down hill i hit 36mph! Sweet.

Amazing weather in Wisconsin right now. Tomorrow i am planning on running the 12 miles to work. So i should leave at 4,30am and then get here around 7am enough time to shower and change into my work clothes already in my locker.

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