Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yes more weight loss.

I lost a total of 2.4lbs last week!!! Very pleased with that!
Last night i went on a group ride and it was the best weather yet. I had an amazing time. THe only hard thing was everyone at work was going out to eat and drink on the company money after work and asked me to go. I had to say no as i had a long bike ride and i KNOW i would of eatern badly! Sometimes thats hard.

Al l this week we have special meetings and the company is bringing in lunch, cookies, cake, donuts and they even rented a popcorn machine with heavy butter popcorn that smells AMAZIN. I am resisting but its not easy. I have to learn to get over this.

Hope you enjoyed the last Podcast! I rented my Wetsuit yesterday for the Ironman 70.6. I really should buy one but i do not want it to get to big as i lose more weight.

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