Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello Friday!

Yaaaaaaaaaay. Friday. Last night I did my 1 hour swim but put off my 1 hour bike ride. The weather was bad last night and i wanted to get outside for it so i did it this morning. I got up at 3.55am again. My alarm is set for 4am but i keep waking up every morning at 3.55am every morning for some reason.

I got geared up in cold weather gear and left the house on my road bike at 4:40am. I had my lights on and by about 5.10am it was light enough to read my HR Monitor without having to use the light. I had an awesome ride. 2 Deer ran out right in front of me just as the sun came up and nearly took me out!! Amazin!

I felt really slow going out the first half as i was against the wind. The wind is a funny thing, i have learned if i can not feel the wind coming in my face or on the left or right of me it is probably at my back. There always seems to be some wind around.

The HR training is great for wind issues. Wind can be frustrating as your cycling on a flat road and only going 15mph. I start to think why am i going SO slow. Then when i turn around and put the same effort in and go 22mph i realize it was the wind. My HR monitor eliminates all the guessing. I just keep my HR at 120-130bpm and try and forget about the speed. I need to learn this so the 4-5 hour ride on the Ironman does not burn me out.

This weekend is the Green Bay Marathon and i am hoping to get up there as i have to do some leafleting for a Race Organizing company up there (i get free entries for doing this!)

Training is long and i am having a hard time balancing family and training. I have no clue how full Ironman trainng can balance it all!

Enjoy your weekend.

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