Thursday, May 27, 2010

Swimming for Lunch

I got up late today so i did my swim workout at lunch time. I have talked about lunch time running before and lunchtime swimming is possible too. I basically have a 1 hour lunch break and a 30 min swim workout to do. so 10 mins there 3 mins to change 30 mins in the pool (actually took me 35mins cas I'm slow) and pack in time to be at my desk in 1 hour. It is very energising too.

Here are some tips.
  • Do not eat your lunch food before the swim, eat after. I just eat at my desk while i work
  • Have everything ready to go!
  • Do not drive fast, safety first
  • Have you workout on a card in a zip lock bag so you can take it pool side
  • Do not come back to office smelling like eau de Chlorine (or do if your hardcore and want to impress your work friends)
  • Swim MP3 players are highly recommended

Here is my swim workout for today

Warm Up: 250 Yards Freestyle

Main: 10 x 100 , 50 Easy 50 build, 50 easy, 50 hard. Rest no more than 20 seconds between each

Cool Down: 150 Freestyle

Yesterday i went shopping for some Vegan foods and found some great option at Wal-Mart. Kashi makes some frozen Vegan meals that are not too expensive. I had one today and it tasted awesome!!! I found Veggie burgers of course but plenty of options. I have some not to expensive Soymilk and some Rice milk that really taste very good. I will try Almond milk next. It seems like Fruits and Vegetables are tasting better to me all the time too! Today i had Blackberries and strawberries for breakfast.

Tomorrow i am off to NYC! I can not wait. I LOVE the city.

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