Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2nd Weekly Run to work

IT has been a busy weekend.
Firstly my plans to go to NYC fell through. :( I had to ditch 2 airlines tickets but they were free tickets anyway, i did not lose any money just some free tickets. Not to dwell on things though.

So Friday was a scheduled rest day and i just did some gentle walking and talking with my wife. The weather was great so we did allot of talking.

Saturday i was wanting to go on my group ride in Green Bay but i had plans with my family. So the only way to get my bike ride in was to get up early. I was up at 5am on a Saturday (SO Wrong!) and i managed to do 33 miles in about 1hour and 55 mins. not to bad. Then we got on the road and went on a factory tour of the Jelly Belly plant. Very cool. I got samples of Skunk Spray, Rotten egg, Canned Dog Food, Booger, Baby Wipes, Barf, Moldy Cheese and more flavors for the people in my office to try!

Sunday i put in a long ride. I wanted to get 50 miles in. I knew i was in trouble when i found myself zooming along at 24mph with not much effort going north. I am NOT that good. I knew it had to be wind. Sure enough on the way back 8-12mph!! Huge headwinds. I had to stop and get off the bike twice but still made it in 3.5hrs.

Monday - Running, a fast 1 hour run and some walking.
Tuesdays - More running. 45 min and a 45 min swim session.

Yes it is run to work day again for me. Left clothes at work and hide water bottles on my trail the day before, pretty sneaky and i would not have to go into gas stations. I actually looked forward to finding them on the run like it was some kind of hunt. I had a GU Gel halfway through and made the 12-13 miles into my office this morning!

Some Tips

  • Hide water on your trail if you can, beats carrying it
  • Make sure you have something to put calories in you if your run is longer than an hour
  • Enjoy the scenery! At 4.45am the world is a surreal place
  • Have you Ipod FULLY charged if your going to use one 
I put out a short Podcast at the weekend but my mic was not so good. I have total lost my voice recording device so i had to go buy another today!

It is only 3 days to go til Olly Triathlon at Green Bay for me on Sunday!!!!! So excited!!!


  1. Sometimes I wonder what's more "wrong" getting up at 5 on Saturday of going to bed at 8 on Friday night. Great workouts, keep up the good work!

  2. Funny, i agree! It just seems wrong. Thanks for the encouragement. Keep on reading!